Cats of the Force: Part 2

What’s better than one post about cats? Two posts about cats! This series is dedicated to your feline friends. Everyone who wants to can send a picture of their cat to snowy#8840 on discord and show him or her off.

And now, the cats:



“She is very calm, she is adorable, she liked to sit on top of persons legs and then sleep. She liked playing sometimes. She enjoyed going outside for a walk. Originally she was a stray cat but when she was born, her mother left her. I rescued the cat.”—Niko



“Korra is a tortoiseshell cat! They are notorious for having an attitude (tortitude) and Korra is no exception. She gets what she wants, when she wants, oftentimes that is cuddles so she gets them happily. She is an outdoor cat and brings back gifts often. From lizards to mice to bats, we get a nice variety!”—Komal



“JayJay is 7 year old ginger cat. He’s also the most chonkiest and laziest car I’ve ever own in my life as you can see through the picture. We literally call him the King of the house due to him always needing food to be served directly to him, stealing my bed and sleeping 90% of the day. He’s also the most caring and loving cat in the house. With him being the oldest among the 7 cats we have, he always acts like a father to them, cleaning and caring for them always.”—Desireus



“This is Plushie my 2 year old tabby cat. Me and my mother have been taking care of her ever since she was born. Whenever someone’s in bed, she will hop right next to them, sit right next to their chest and purr. If she is outside, she will meow right next to the kitchen window to beg for food if she smells what my mother is cooking.”—Zenishira



“This is Petunia. She was found outside as a kitten eating nachos outside an Italian restaurant. She’s nine years old and a little small for her age, so she looks like a kitten – and also acts like one. She’s very playful and energetic and needs constant attention. She likes to sleep with me while I’m leading events, and she also likes to jump on camera during my online classes. She loves tuna and bothering my other cat.”—Snowy



“This is Cleo. She’s the polar opposite of the other cat: she’s very calm and mostly sleeps around, but she’ll move fast if she hears a bag of cat food being opened. Her favorite thing is to eat, and she even sleeps right in front of where the cat treats are. She meows very loudly early in the morning until I get up to feed and pet her. All around a very good cat.”—Snowy

Once again, a post full of wonderful cats. Thank you everyone who sent in pictures of their furballs! Since I’m now out of cats, everyone who owns a pet is welcome to message snowy#8840 and send in him/her for a chance to be featured in a post. Until next time, Helpers.

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  1. im gonna give nell a baby cat

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