Cats of the Force: Part One

What’s better than looking at your own cat? Looking at other people’s cats! This series is dedicated to your feline friends. Everyone who wants to can send a picture of their cat to snowy#8840 on discord and show him or her off.

And now, the cats:



“This is Leo. He is a 3 month old persian cat who has a weird habbit of sleeping in weird places. Likes to walk and play on laptop keyboards. Hates seeing people work and tries his best to make them stop. Loves cuddles and playtimes. Sleeps alot too. Smol bean :D”—Lisa

Sir Garfield III


“Usually timid and shy, Sir Garfield III (pronounced Sir Garfield the Third) is an avid model in his spare time. He loves the countryside and enjoys his fair share of hunting birds. As one can see, he is a man of stature, yet humble enough to bless the disgraceful peasant with his time and gracious words. His favorite words are Meow and Meow (but flirty) as he goes around town being followed by what one would clearly describe as ‘Damsels in Distress.'”—Osama



“This is Castile named after a Supernatural character. He’s a siamese flame tail with blue eyes (he’s also cross eyed)”—Selene



“And this is Crowley also named after a supernatural character. He is very shy and only likes my company. Interesting thing about him is when we went to go adopt Crowley the foster mom said don’t be discouraged if he doesn’t come to you right away less then 5 minutes pass and he’s already loving on me. The foster mom was shocked in a good way.”—Selene



“This is Shadow. He likes to join and lead in HF events, and he usually sleeps with me while I’m organizing or at night. He is very smart and wants to annoy you.” —Yoda

This next cat may not look like a cat. That’s because he’s a dog. I’ve been assured he’s a scaredy-cat, though, so we’ll count him.



“This cutie pies name is Sandy.. he’s a shih tzu and a pretty big scardy cat, he barks at big doggos and cattos like he is the king while sits in our laps crying with his tail between his legs when sees a dog approach him 💀 his hobby is to be working to be hf’s mascot while training his throat so he can bark more loudly at 3 in the fricking morning 😭 he likes cuddles and treats :D”—Nightfury

These cats are all 15/10, easy. Thank you everyone who sent in pictures of their furballs! More cats will return for Wednesday’s post. If you would like your cat to be featured, message snowy#8840 on Discord a picture of your cat and a few sentences describing him/her. If you have a different animal, you can submit them now for a future post! Until next time, Helpers.

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  1. Leo is best cat

  2. Shadow is yhe best cat

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