Scary Story For Halloween

Here’s one of the scariest stories I could remember for your daily Halloween scare >:)

(Edit: Decided to include Rooboo’s prompt in the story too hehe)

I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone, or something, was watching me… I spun around from the mirror and gasped as I saw a hippo staring in from the door. I rubbed my eyes, and the hippo was gone. In its place was a girl, who looked kinda nervous about existing.

“What are you doing here, Nervous?” I asked.

“Snowy sent me to check up on you, to see if you’re coming to the weekly feast.”

I sighed. They called it a weekly feast, but in reality, it was just a bunch of hungry staff members gathering around a single banana and arguing about how they could split it up. Even that was in vain anyways, as the notorious food thief Racoco would find new and innovative ways to break through the high-level security systems and steal the banana anyways.

“No, I won’t be coming to the feast. I have somewhere I need to be,” I replied.

“O? Are you going outside to secretly eat some food? Can I come too?” Nervous asked nervously.

“Nah, I’m not doing anything of that sort… I’ve tried but Elp always finds out and punishes me anyways. I’ve got a barbers appointment.”

“Wh- Wha- wHaT?! Are you sure you wanna do that today?” Nervous asked nervously.

“What’s wrong with today?”

“It’s Halloween… idk… anything… could happen… it’s not safe… you shouldn’t go…”

I wheezed. “Nervous, do not worry. It’s just a barber’s appointment. What’s the worst that can happen?”

Suddenly I got an ominous feeling. Like I had just provoked the Universe. And the Universe was getting ready to play… I brushed aside the negative thoughts, brushed aside Nervous from my door, and went outside. Ahhh, the grass. What a fresh sight. It had been quite a long time since I saw it. I paced towards the barbershop, which was fortunately not too far away.

A wave of cold air hit me as I opened the door and walked inside. The chill made its way deep into my spine, making me shiver. The barber greeted me cordially, and asked, “How can I help you today?”

“No more help, yall couldn’t behave.” I replied, by default. The barber continued smiling and staring at me with his eyes closed.

“Sorry.. I’m just here to get a haircut..”

“Alright, have a seat, let’s see what we can do”

Even now, my spine felt chilly. Something was off about this place. It was a Sunday, yet there were no signs of other customers. And as I sat down, I swear I felt something whoosh out of the chair. Yes, whoosh. But being the skeptic I was, I still refused to believe that it was something supernatural.

“Shall we begin?”

“Yeah, please”

“I’ll be using the trimmer to get rid of the extra lengths first. Can you tilt your head backwards?”

As the machine began whirring and I felt my hair being punished for their growth, the lights abruptly went out.

“WHOA WTF” I cried out.

“I’m sorry, idk how this happened- holy- this trimmer won’t turn off! AHH, I CAN’T CONTROL IT ITS FLYING ON ITS OWN”

I screamed in horror as I felt my hair being ripped out. The barber let out an even more blood curdling scream than mine, as if trying to have a screaming match. We both screamed, and just as suddenly as they had gone, the lights came back on.

I gaped in horror at the mirror. To say that my hair was a mess was an understatement. Nervous and a few other staff members rushed through the door. “Are you okay? We got reports of some malfunctio-” Snowy cut her sentence short as she tried to stifle her laughter on noticing my hair. Nervous’ voice appeared out of nowhere, “I told you that you shouldn’t have come here today, Rohan.”

I wept as I imagined having to live with this hair for the coming few weeks. How was I supposed to- wait. Did she just say Rohan?

“WHOA, I almost forgot I’m ROHAN HAHHAHAHA” I couldn’t stop laughing at my own stupidity.

“Uh oh” the staff members chorused.

As they watched, I split into two people. Then those two people split into two more. And their hair was normal. “Rohan is back!” We walked out of the door. As we left, we turned back one more time. The barber was smiling and asking the staff members how he could help them.

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