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Welcome back to the most vibey blog in town! In this blog, I go around and search for people around the Help Force and interview them about what are some things that they’re iconic by! This is honestly a redemption of the last “post” I did, so it’s going to be less boring I imagine? (no promises tho)

Today we have one of my favorite people in the whole wide world to bully ! He is known for one thing that’s for sure, not his stupidity.. Yeah I know, super surprising, but instead is one of the people who got chosen as a junior staff on the form application that was posted on June 7th! Bean was recruited by Selene, also known as LunaRay on March 31st, 2022 on club penguin and currently is a hardworking, movie addict, Brigadier. 🔆 He is always up to watch/stream a movie anytime to show how lifeless he is.. but honestly, who doesn’t like watching movies? With all this said, let’s go in the nicest way, interrogate him!

hello bean! how are you?

clears throat im doing just peachy hbu?

why are u clearing ur throat thats sus- cough, IM FINE thank u
moving on to the first question, you are very well known for having a dog named thu
nder, mwahah how did that become so

i showed my dog to you, nene, and rubbi and yall became obsessed but mainly you so i made a command out of it

WELL I MEAN- I’m not obsessed, he’s just very cute and I would 100% take him for you if you don’t want him anymore
A question that we are probably all wanting to know that are just troops, maybe just for now, hows being junior staff?

mmmmhhhmmm sure you arent obsessed nervous paints nails anywho being a junior staff at first was weird and i didnt expect to be chosen, but its not like i thought it would be like its like being a troop with a little more responsibility

oo yeah thats true, how was the last day of having food tho?

i dont eat as it is so it made no difference

SMH BEAN I didnt expect that answer. Somebody save this man-
Ahem why do you like movies so much, you are starting to get known for them at this point from how many u watch everyday

i love watching movies since i was a kid i think mostly because i want to be like them someday i am an aspiring actor but havent gotten lead roles yet just background roles but im sure soon my big break will come

OO that is very sweet and inspiring ngl, hopefully you achieve that one day WOOP
A personal opinion, you are VERY known for playing bonk. Do you enjoy playing it and how often do you play it?

ofc you would ask this question
i enjoy it but prefer not to play it everyday unlike some people cough nerv cough

wow wdym ofc I would ask this, you always play it (not being forced I swear) and u still play it everyday cause umm heh
Bringing up THIS question, you are very well known for bullying Nerv, sir?

yes i only play because you force it upon me and you bully me tyvm hair flip you slap me even after me saying numerous times to stop you dont

NOTE: Bean was laughing at me behind the scenes of this

uhh i would like a lawyer on this, thank you
oh no i have a feeling this topic will be crazy but what are your thoughts and experiences on Camila Cabello since you listen to her music a lot in the music vcs. Literally if i saw her in a pic I would immediately think of you because ykyk- cough

well i have been a fan of hers since 2012 when 5 girls came together and they became fifth harmony i love all the girls very much but lauren and camila are my main artists i listen to because they have both helped me in my toughest times camila would dm me on twitter and check up on me everyday and made sure i was okay up until i had to delete twitter, for another reason i will not discuss, and we lost contact since but i still never forget what she and lauren have both done for me as a young teen

omg yes you told me about this ❤️ very heartwarming and sweet and hope you’re doing well and better now

SERIOUS NOTE: Before I said this question, ↙️ I asked bean if he was okay with this so don’t worry.. I’m not THAT mean

You have in your about me that you are trans , how was pride month? Did you like the pride events that cpa planned?

well i have never been to a pride parade sadly i couldnt really attend the cpa pride parade because i was working but other than that pride month was ok i mostly spent days at work

RIP 😭 next year hopefully, cause ill keep you hostage here mwaha
last but not least, you are pretty into supernatural these days with watching it everyday. If you arent in chat during the evening people will probably assume you are watching it at that moment. Is it good?

yes i highly recommend you watch supernatural even tho you are  because its got points throughout the show about reality and monsters and overcoming a lot of trauma

shhh I blame you for giving me the idea to ask this question but that is true, i love stories/shows that are good, but true
before we end this interesting interview, is there anything you would like to say to the people that are reading?

ig continue being your authentic self

What great advice from such a dumb person! On a serious note though, I don’t hate bean I swear on my non-existent pets life. ✨ I hope you enjoyed this weekly post, because I sure did with bullying interviewing such an incredible person. Well that wraps it up, have a great day! ❤️ More excitement, more blogs, and certainly more iconics coming soon! Croissant Flaked 🥐

Help Force Marshal

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  1. yeah definitely didnt bully me nerv 😝

  2. And nerv “isn’t the bully here” 🤣 great post

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