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Helpers, Bello! I hope everything is going well for everyone and that you’re making some excellent friends (if you don’t, this series will cease to exist). I, Ru, am back with another episode of our blog, Double Trouble! In this series we interview two friends to learn more about what makes their friendship so great. This time, Ally and Rev join us from their respective sickbeds. Do not judge their answers, they used their last two brain cells to answer my questions. Who do you believe is the bully among this duo?


WARNING⚠️: Wear your masks because one of the interviewees has COVID and the other one is in denial of being sick. I marched into this interview wearing three HAZMAT suits for my safety (almost scared Ally to death). Pavle did a fantastic job at cleaning me up.

Initially, I was worried about how this is going to go but then, I ended up laughing a lot. Anyways, Ally has been one of the AUSIA junior staff for a few months, and rev does not have a CPAB account. Poor guy has his issues but still, HE LOVES HF.

Proof that rev loves HF

So before we move on to the interview, let me show you all some sneak peeks that we found about them.

I personally have flopped on grassland. BUT FLOOR?

Some iconic words by Ally

We are out of Wotaahhh

Diaries of Wimp- NO, revally

OKAY ENOUGH! Let’s do the interview and get to know them.

How did you guys meet?

Ally: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😀

rev: yeah we both forgot 👍

Do you guys have any good moments together that you can share?

rev: our random stupid jokes I don’t know :swirlthink:

Ally: weird copypastas rev sends

Could you tell me one of the things that you like about each other?

Ally: His ‘weirdness’? 😀 Okay not weirdness, just relatability maybe? I mean I feel like we can relate on a few things :DDDDDDDD We can also agree on the fact that nervoos is a grandma hippo.

rev: Her stubborn factor, it gives me new stuff to deal with everyday so I dont get bored. Well I kind of like the fact she’s able to tolerate my weirdness thats one.

Could you tell me one of the things that you don’t like about each other?

Ally: I forgot

rev: I cant really call myself annoyed I don’t have any of those feelings anymore but I do hate her stubborn factor.

Do you guys have any nicknames for one another?

Ally: relavator

rev: Well I have made a list of nicknames for her in the art memes channel before. Today I called her chimney.

Ally: YOU HAVE????

rev: pea brain

What games do you play together?

rev: well we’ve played minecraft (I really wanted to push her in a ravine but I couldnt find one), roblox, and bomb party together.

Ally: WOW you’re so mean

rev: New achivement. Children Exterminator Badge earned!

(Not me just sipping tea while all this is happening)

You both are sick. How can it be such a perfect coincidence? 

rev: Overseas Travelling. BAMBAM

Ally: Yes, that ^

Deep breathes Ru. Deep breathes. You are asking why so? Well, next we are going to play a simple game where I will ask them questions about how well they know one another. They can also give a predicted answer to it. Once the individual answers to the question are given, they have to correct one another. Simple to understand, isn’t it? But still, we all took solid five minutes to understand the game. Let’s go!!

If you had a time machine, do you know where your friend would want to go first?

Ally: rev might go to the future?

rev: Ally would want to go to the past.

Correct Answer:

Ally: I’d rather go to the future;
rev: I’d rather go to the past.

If you stayed for a sleepover, what game would your friend play first?

Ally: rev will play truth or dare maybe 😭

rev: ally will play truth or dare.

Correct Answer: It is absolutely right.

Ally: Yes, I normally don’t like playing mobile or laptop games during sleepovers;
rev: Ally is right, well before Ru said “mobile games”. I’m forcing you to go on to go beat your ass!

What animal would your friend like to have as a pet?

Ally: rev will want to be a goose or a fox?

rev: Ally will want to be a SEAL ofc.

Correct Answer: Ally was right.

Ally: It’s my dream to have a snake as a pet 😭😭 I would loVe to see a seal, but I don’t want to have it as a pet;
rev: ally how do you read my mind, I know I am fanatics of those but how?

(I tried to tell Ally that the snake might starve to try to eat her. But she replied, “I will die for my snake :D”)

If your friend asked for snacks, which one would you get them?

Ally: I will give him Oreos.

rev: potatoooo? I have no idea about anyone’s diets except my favorite American actually eats vegetables.

Correct Answer:

Ally: “Hey can you get me a snack?” “Yeah, sure! (throws a potato at them)”. GIVE ME OREOS.

rev: Didn’t I tell you I dislike Oreos? But I will prefer nuts. I love nuts mixed with raisins too.

Do you know what your friend wants to be when they grow up?

Ally: Hopefully, a human.

rev: A Seal?

Correct Answer:

Ally: Tbh I’ve always thought to be some author or something but now I’m thinking id be some tutor? :’) BUT CAN I BE A SEAL PLEIS :DDDDDDDDD;
rev: a dead human, yes you’re correct you just missed one word but A+ for effort and close answer! But really I’d want to be jobless and watch random engineering videos, they’re HELLA interesting imo.

When is your friend’s bday?

Ally: oh sheet

rev: oh sheet

Correct Answer:

Ally: December 3 I HAVE A BIRTHDAY SERVER REV (cries) ;
rev: 19th October (runs)

Which channel in HF does your friend like the most? 

Ally: rev likes #bot-commands

rev: She likes #counting. She uses it to improve her math skills

Correct Answer:

Ally: I lub #introductions. Idk why but I like seeing people introduce themselves and me introducing myself 😀 ;
rev: my gambling addiction was gone long ago💀I like #rules and #general.

– –

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Oh my goodness. Who knew they could be so chaotic hahaha. This Duo Interview has finally come to an end. They not only keep each other entertained, but they also display their love and care for one another in their own humorous ways. If you enjoyed their friendship, leave a comment below with “REVALLY FTW, GET WELL SOON” and I’ll go look for new best buddies around the Help Force corner.
Aaacchhhooooooo oh lord maybe I am getting sick too. Who cares, it is just a little rain!!

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