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Welcome back Helpers to another week in the Face of the Force! We are introducing a special member, a recruiting legend, and a super friendly face! You would have seen their work, floating around as a sticker or a banner. They are one of the creative designers of the Help Force! Introducing the legendary Winter Storm!

Winter Storm is a dedicated helper of the Help Force. They have been actively bringing new members into the team. They are also actively participated in fun hosted games, even winning the title of gamer of the week (GoTWs). They even had the opportunity to win the specialist title, given only to those who have held the title more than three times. Other than Help Force, what else are Winter Storm’s interests? Read on to find out more!


Hi Winter Storm! How are you doing today?

Doing good urself?

I’m also doing good thank you! Could I ask how you got to choose your name Winter Storm?

I used to have a different account with a different name but I lost it. when I made this one Ii thought that would be a cool name and I like winter so it seemed to fit

That’s very fascinating! I take that you have been in Help Force for a while?

Ye since October 2021

Do you remember how you joined Help Force?

Oh I was recruited by Nell. She used to lead but retired

Do you remember how you were recruited?

I think there was a segment bc of war

What war was happening? Were you able to join after being recruited?

I think it was called silver rush, there was special server and everything lol

How did you feel during that silver rush war?

I was confused at first bc I didn’t know what to do but I figured it out I think. lag was bad tho. Sad now bc CPR is gone and so are all the penguins. I think I got banned once during the war tho but I think everyone did as well

How did you feel after CPR shut down?

Sad bc I was getting stamps and card jitsu came out again but now everyone plays bonk and bomb party which is also fun

What games were your favorite in CP?

I rlly liked ice fishing and cart surfer, they were fast and challenging

Which stamps were your biggest accomplishment?

I had the grey mullet stamp, so that was definitely my biggest accomplishment

 I referred to you as a recruiting legend, do you feel the same way about yourself?

My gotw command is “I’m not very good just very very lucky” because I just felt lucky ppl were answering me. it wasn’t skill or talent, just luck also lucky my alts were disabled that week 

Do you have any good luck tips if someone were to become a recruiting legend?

Take it slow bc ppl will answer u eventually. I didn’t like to log into the alt a lot and that is y a lot of ppl would join at once. Don’t spend hours recruiting just a little here and there

Do you have any hobbies outside from being a helper in the Help Force?

I do gfx for friends that they use to make magnets and stuff I’m also studying for admissions exam so that takes a lot of my time

Would you share your work? I would love to see a sample!

You will see some of my stuff as emotes and stickers

Did you learn this somewhere or self-taught?

I ask ppl for help and watched YouTube videos but I just try thing and hope it looks ok

Do you have anyone you got close with in the Help Force?

I talk to a few ppl a lot like nell I still sometimes talk to she asked for the easter banner. I think most people talk to the person that recruited them, but I also talk to luna, bean, nervous, and plotter a lot. Some people are really nice even if they still haven’t heard me.

Do you have a favorite food?

Yes ofc! I love tomatoes. I can have them with every meal

Do you have a favorite movie or book?

My favourite movie is Anastasia but idk y tbh just good movie all around

Do you have any favorite fruit?

My favourite fruit are strawberries, I think I prefer the color red

Can I guess your favorite color is also red?

No haha I like green like forest green

If you are hanging out with friends, what are you usually doing together?

Well my irl friends we cook a lot and then drink

What do you like about winter?

It’s crisp and it snows, u can play in the snow or enjoy that it isn’t exceptionally hot. the world is getting hotter but winter doesn’t melt skin off. I also like it as long as I don’t have to shovel

Lastly, is there anything you want to share with the helpers of Help Force?

Go all in with ur bot money and remember to feed some staff members they’re hungry

That’s all for this week’s help force! If you see Winter Storm give a friendly welcome! Also, wish them luck for their future studies! Remember to leave a like and a comment if you enjoyed reading so far. Tune in next week for another amazing Face of the Force!

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