The Origin of the Name: NervousZippo

ZIPLINE, Help Force Headquarters- In an online community like ours, names are quite an important aspect of anyone’s profile. They are the first impression of an individual. Help Force staff members are the representatives of the army, and the impression they make is extremely important. In this second edition of this post, we will be delving into the story behind the names of one of our amazing staff members.

NervousZippo is currently one of the Marshals of the Help Force. She’s the friendliest, funniest, and one of the most active US Marshals we have! In addition to playing bonk, she also interacts with others in the chat. NervousZippo is like family to a lot of us, NervousZippo also puts a lot of effort into The Help Force. Her catchphrase that she got from Maya, couldn’t possibly be “I-“

That’s more than any of our members’ total messages on the server!

To find out more about the reason behind her picking the name “NervousZippo,” I decided to lure her in with some croissants.

Hey NervousZippo! So, what is the story behind your name?

Oh, years ago before I joined HF, I was trying to find a user on this game (not sure that many of you know it but it’s called Moshi Monsters) and it took me hours to try and find one cause every user was taken 😭. Took me about like 2 hours tbh. I just really wanted to play, so I saw a sweater and the zipper- 😂 named myself Zip at the end. I changed it a couple of times, first taking out a part I started to hate. Then later changed the “Zip” part to “Zippo” because Osama always called me that and I thought it sounded catchier.

Not sure how I came up with the Nervous part, but probably because I had an appointment that day? SMH, I don’t like saying this but there was an oof at the end. Oh god don’t remind me- ahh yeah- IDK what I was thinking when I chose this user, but just stayed with it for years. Probably because it felt natural to me. I used to always name myself something to do with “Snow” but no idea what happened to that. 🤣

People call you croissant, why is that?

AWH YESS 😭 ALL CREDITS TO WYNN, I love her :prayge~2:. One day we were talking about animals (mostly stingrays and hippos) then Manti came into chat and said something about me liking being called broccoli, which I do not, and then Wynn asked If I can be called croissant. :Hehe: Of course, I said yes because croissants are amazing tbh. Later Manti was called a falafel (credits to Wynn again) That was one of my most memorable days only because we all were chanting falalalalalafel in chat, might have scared away a couple of people but that’s alright. 🧆

Have you ever wanted to switch your username?

YES, DEFO, 😭I talked about that so many times with Manti, but he didn’t like the user choices :sadcat: I mean, now that I thought about some, yea they weren’t that good. but I still want to change my user to something with either “Key” or “Akira” Don’t make fun of me, 🖐️ I like those users for some reason and think they are pretty, but never had the guts to change my user because nobody would recognize me, not even myself.

Do you think you’d change your user to the nicknames Manti has given you? 

LMAO OFC NOT 😭 all his nicknames are insults.

Has anyone misspelled your username?

All the time, either on purpose or by accident, 🤣 I don’t mind because I misspell a lot of things. There are too many to remember, but the worst one is probably “NerdousZibbo” by Ao smh. If you know the meaning, then uhm no comment.

NervousZippo keeps at it to spread her inner mom to us as well as her friendship all around the server. That’s the story behind NervousZippo’s name, make sure to say hi to her in chat the next time you see her! Maybe even give her another nickname she could go by.


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