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Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! The sixth edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Desireus to the spotlight.

Today, we interviewed our Staff member, Second in Command, Mr. Desireus. Des has been known as a coconut and a car of Help Force. To know more about this and Des himself, read this post!

Hello Des, How are you this fine evening?

I am doing very coconut, thank you for asking.

OK coconut. First question, when did you join Help Force and how?

I joined Help Force on 23rd of January 2021, recruited by Mandal through discord

Lovely, What are some of your best memories in Help Force?

Good question, probably my favourite memories in HF are all the crazy events we’ve had, huge battles, funny takeovers, wouldn’t name a specific favourite, I love all of them

Amazing so, is being the Commander of Help Force one of your goals? Why and why not?

At the moment, due to current circumstances, nope. However, I do wish to serve as 2ic for as long as possible, and maybe aim towards Commander when time wills.

Interesting, goodluck ahead! Why are you known as the car of HF?

Simple, due to my enthusiasm towards cars and mostly due to the various car pfps that I’ve had and people assume that I’m actually an automobile

If you love cars so much, whats your favourite car?

I have two favourite cars actually, namely the Honda NSX NA1/2 and the Mazda RX-7 FD3S

Wonderful never heard of them. Why did you chose coconuts out of everything else?

Idk it just hit my head. I mean, Everyone loves coconuts

I dont, moving on! What made you switch from cars to coconuts?

It was never a switch from cars to coconuts, it was an expansion to cars and coconuts.

Did Maya lie about the location of your coconut plantation?

Location of the great coconut plantation shall remain a secret. No one but the coconut heirs shall know.

May I join the coconut team?

You said you didn’t like coconuts

Dang it, plans fail. Anyway, why did you decide to ping Junior Staff everyday?

Because they need their daily dose of coconut

Now that I’m staff, can you ping General everyday? 😀 Totally not doing this to stack up food

No, Staff do not get food thus I do not have the authorization to give them coconuts 🙁

Rigged rule. Now, are you single?

Why are you asking this question

There has been rumors that you are having a girlfriend on discord, is it true?

I would like a word with whoever made up this rumor.

Forget that, who is this girl?

There is no girl.

You can’t get away with it so easily. Who is the girl?

Shut up

I- ok, anyway, what do you like to do when you are free?

Well, I like to do a lot of gaming, if not I’ll be spending time in HF

What games do you play?

I like to play a lot of racing games, as expected namely Forza Horizon 5, Need for Speed and sometimes Strategy games such as Dota 2 and also shooting games such as Apex Legends.

Wow, amazing, what kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to Pop music, Retro Soul music and sometimes Synthwave and also a bit of classics from the 90s, 80s

Ooo cool, what’s your favourite food?
My favourite food would be Curry Chicken and Spaghetti.
I haven’t eaten Spaghetti in so long, i should some day. What is your favourite movie/ show?
My favourites would be the Fast and Furious franchise, James Bond movies and also Marvel
Finally some movies i’ve heard of, what is your favourite sport?
My favourite sport would be Badminton, however it has been a while since I played it
BADMINTON IS THE BEST! Woo ok, we shall end here do you want to say anything to the readers?

Remember everyone, anything can happen at anytime. And stay coconut!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading, we’ll see you next week with some more tea!

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