[BREAKING] Help Force Rebrands To Force

ZIPLINE, Help Force Headquarters – You’ve heard the rumors by now, and they are true! The Help Force, after more than 4 years of sticking to the same name, has rebranded. The army will now be known as “Force”. That’s right, just force, no more help.

This decision first took effect on April 1st, 2022. While the date might make it seem like its just another one of my one million April Fool’s Day pranks, I promise this is actually happening. The past two months have been spent in rigorous discussion with the relevant figures – people like Ayan, Elp, Tistle, Wynn, Snowy, Aaronstone and of course Epic101. But did you know that this isn’t the first rebrand in Help Force’s history?

Back when Ayan created Help Force, it was actually called as the Helpful Friends/Helping Friends for like 6 hours. Then the server got defaced, and Ayan realized that the only reason this misfortune crossed his path was due to his absolutely horrible name-assigning ability. While he was smart enough to realize that, he wasn’t smart enough to further deduce that he shouldn’t be the one rebranding the army once again. Hence, the army was called Help Force.

History has repeated itself as the Help Force is now moving towards the rebranding of Force. Just like the last time, this decision came due to the presence of certain dangerous individuals who threaten the Help Force – solely because of its name. The leadership, and its advisors (not including me, those two women never ask for my advice istfg im just a reporter to them), believe that this rebranding will make the individuals back off as they just have this unexplained obsession with the name “Help Force”… or at least, that’s the story that was told me by a staff member who wishes to stay anonymous. Her name is Javi.

What? I didn’t betray her, she asked to stay anonymous, I’m not doxxing her identity she’s well known to everyone as Javi!

To find out more about the details of the rebranding, and whether the story that I have been told is true or not, we reach out to our unwanted, useless, most unvaluable leaders Wynn and Snowy!


Is it true that the Help Force is now rebranding to the name “Force”? Is the No More Help, Yall Couldn’t Behave slogan a real thing?

I think you can answer the question yourself – could you behave? No. So yes, that is true

That moment when the answer is shorter than the question. What a goddamn attitude these leaders have, istg. Anyways, next question. There are rumors in the army community that the rebrand is an escape method. Is it true that the rebranding is happening to throw off the people who are obsessed with the name “Help Force”?

Do I look like somebody who gives a damn about a visitor’s opinions? If I already said that the first statement is true, this one can’t be, innit?

One of your staff members gave this opinion. Her name is Javi.

We have an ID on the mole, I repeat, we have an ID on the mole, arrest her on an immediate basis and throw her into the rat dungeon.

Haha, that sounds like my cue to leave…

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