Top Twenty Iconic Emojis: Part Two

On March 15th, a voting form was launched to see the Help Force’s preferences for the Top Twenty emojis of the server. The results of the votes are finally here! Many old and new emojis were considered, so let us find out which emojis placed in the ranks 11-20.

#11 – luv


#12 – flower


 #13 – sus

Sus is quite a popular emoji in not just Help Force but Discord itself. However, Help Force has its own lore behind the sus emoji. The most popular tradition behind this emoji would probably be “Maya is sus”. If something goes wrong, if some cookies disappear, if someone is mysteriously killed.. ofcourse, Maya is sus.

#14 – sadcri

#15 – awe

#16 – applebruh

Applebruh is probably the most popular emoji in Club Penguin Armies. Yes, you heard that right. This massively popular emoji found its way into the army community via the Templars. It took the community by storm, and as of now, almost everyone uses it sometime or the other. It’s one of the only emojis that has actually retained its popularity in CPA – most of the emojis usually lose their importance after a month or two. To give it a permanent place in history, Superhero123 (the creator of CP Armies: The Game, CP Armies cpps, and the current developer of Club Penguin Army Battleground) has added the emoji as a part of the CPAB list of emotes. So, you will actually be able to use it in game! Could an emoji be any more popular?

#17 – andthenban

This emoji is my personal favourite.

#18 – wheeze

 #19 – mofreakingrocks

#20 – baapmarega

Baap marega is an Indian phrase that literally translates “Dad will hit (you/me)”.

The emojis of any Discord server give an accurate description of what sort of environment the server has, and nothing can match the vibrant, diverse range of emojis that the Help Force has. That will be all for today’s post!

Scorpion Demon

The Only One With A Navy Blue Signature Ring Color

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  1. To the person who deleted their comment after my response, you seem to care a lot about emotes over an club penguin army. Even Epic101 isn’t that obsessive. I pity you. I don’t think any patch of grass can save you, “The Watcher”. I lol’d at that name.

    Great post otherwise tho, Scorp. 💙 I’d say applebruh is the most popular current Club Penguin Armies emote but imo wary is the most iconic of all time. It’s why CPATG/CPArmies had it as a CP emote.

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