Double Trouble

Hiya helpers!! Welcome back to the latest edition of Double Trouble, a series where Dhanush and I interview the besties of Help Force! Today we will interview Ayan and Elp – the greatest – to find out how they got to know each other, and also how well they know each other. So let’s get right into the interview!

Welcome to Double Trouble, Ayan and Elp. (Elp is the greatest)

Elp: Double trouble? The only trouble I have is him in my life. Btw it is an honor for you, having me on your column. Elp is the greatest

Ayan: Thanks, and hello CPArmies

Indeed the honor is all mine having you guys here. So for the first question, How did you guys first meet each other?

Ayan: On a cold chilly night, as I aimed to conquer more territory, I saw a person continuously begging for help in a discord server. The server was called Club Penguin Online, and I decided to shoot a DM to him. I said, in not an exact way, “want help?”, and the rest is history…

Elp: I was just a noob reliving his childhood and joined the CPO discord. I loved collecting stamps so I was asking for help in the server and then he DMed me, the infamous phrase and question that still resounds in my head as a cold chill that goes down my spine. Who would’ve thought that message would change my life forever. That was how we first met but we wouldn’t actually become close until months later.

Ayan: more like one month, but that one month was too long xD

Ooh wow is that an invite to Help Force’s first server?

Ayan: Yes

Elp: R.I.P. Og HF server 

So how did you guys get so close to each other?

Elp: I don’t really remember, maybe he does, I just know I used to call him out constantly as “Mr. Ayan”

Ayan: I think I started seeing potential in him, it sounds cringe but I’ve done this with several HF people. We got closer after the January drama since we had a complete revamp.

Elp: I can vouch, I’m a victim. Then after that I became a General, but back in the day it was just called Moderator, and soon after a Marshal, called Expert Moderator.

Ayan: Didn’t I make you skip some rank

Elp: The 2ic rank

Ayan: Right yeah

Elp: Cause I went straight for Commander after our lovely chat

Ayan: Goddamn I hope Spotty doesn’t read this

Elp: Btw I got the fastest staff promos in HF history

Ayan: Since we’re here, a shoutout to the Triads, the most conflicting yet stable leadership of HF history

Editors Note: The Triads was the name assigned to the leadership of Elpiojo, Ayan and Spotty. You can find more information about them here.

Ooh nice, you guys compliment each other so well. What quality do you like and hate the most about one another?

Elp: “Compliment each other so well”, I’d call it a love-hate relationship. Plus, after 4 years of hanging around with each other you understand how to get things around. Shoutout to the people we bully on a daily basis

Ayan: He’s too sensitive sometimes

Elp: Well I have more emotions and care more about people than you, that’s for sure

Ayan: Agreed

Elp: I don’t just look out for tractor fields

Ayan: Ah yes LMFAO

Elp: There are so many things I hate about this guy, and he knows I got a big list, but I’m not here to expose his curry ass jerk of a dickhead person he is

Ayan: I like his unmatched energy

Elp: I’ll just say that I especially dislike how he took forever to own up for his big mistake that ruined our friendship

Ayan: Idiot could be drowning to death but will still sense chaos

Elp: And how he absolutely sucks at apologizing

Ayan: “big mistake” bro, ok you know what not here

Elp: I won’t go into details, but what I like the most about him is his sense of justice and determination. He fights for what is right and he won’t stop until he gets it, cheers to sinking CPO

Editor’s Note: Cheers Indeed.

Woah- Is it true that you guys were actually CP married? Has Ayan ever cheated on you? 

Elp: …

Ayan: It should be the other way around honestly

Elp: Hey we are both at fault here

Ayan: I didn’t cheat when we were married, you’ve been cheating since Spotiojo. Born cheater

Elp: Ofc not, our “marriage” lasted 7 minutes, before we agreed on the divorce

Ayan: Fair enough

Elp: Let’s just say, smokescreens are a powerful weapon, if done properly

Ayan: No there’s a better quote “You have to pay a price for salvation”

Elp: Ok fuck you

Wow- Your friendship is admirable. What do you guys think will happen the first thing when you actually meet in real life?

Ayan: “wow-“

Elp: “wow-“

Ayan: Idk we might come to play counter strike irl

Elp: I hope I’m unarmed when I meet him

Ayan: Ok bro Imma fly to Spain today

Elp: As I said, it’s a love-hate relationship so we might even punch each other eventually. I’m not European- Did you just-

Ayan: Yes that’s the joke, oh you forgot already, lmao

Elp: Didn’t want to be reminded :wary: Fucking hell someone gift us nitro

Ok so next question, what are the best memories you guys have together?

Elp: Definitely Fighting for glory, that’s one of it

Ayan: The Royalty, leading together, fighting for glory, feed, uh what else

Elp: Oh one that I will never forget is when he had fun like a little child at the Prehistoric party. He was complaining that he hated parties, they were bad for the armies, he was so grumpy. Then we told him to log on during the Prehistoric party and he had so much fun

Ayan: There’s a shit ton of stuff honestly but we need to filter what you can’t know

Elp: We can just tell you what you can hear. If you were to know, we’d have to kill you. There is also this one time, we “switched” personalities. I pretended to be him and he pretended to be me. And I got DMed by two very “scary” people and I almost shat my pants. Btw, he did a terrible impersonation of me. That’s a dumb nonsense question, ask something else

Oop- I hope Ayan can do better if you guys do that again. So, before we end, would you guys like to say anything to the readers?

Elp: Elp is the greatest

A very interesting interview, that’s for sure. And yes, Elp is indeed the greatest. It’s now time for the second part, a friendship test to discover how good friends they actually are 😀 The test consists of six randomly selected questions with two, three, four, or zero alternatives. First, they’ll answer the questions with what they prefer, and then they’ll answer again, but with what they believe the other person said! At the end, they will also receive a score depending on how well they did!

First question! Snowball fight or water balloon fight?

Ayan: Snowball

Elp: Water balloon

Would you rather watch the sunset or sunrise?

Ayan: Sunset

Elp: Sunset

Do you prefer lol, lmao, or XD

Ayan: Lol

Elp: Lmao

Would you rather spend a day at the beach, in the city, or in the mountains?

Ayan: Beach

Elp: In the city

What’s your favourite season?

Ayan: Winter

Elp: Winter

What do you prefer? Sweet, sour, salt, or spicy?

Ayan: Sweet

Elp: Sweet, because of ice creams

Now that we have all the answers, their knowledge about each other is finally put to test!

Do you believe Elp/Ayan prefers a snowball fight or a water balloon fight?

Ayan: Snowball fight, cos penguins… I think (Correct answer: water balloon)

Elp: Water balloon (Correct answer: Snowball)

Would he rather watch the sunset or sunrise?

Ayan: Sunset

Elp: Sunset

Does he prefer lol, lmao, or XD

Ayan: Definitely ‘xD’, the unironic one. (Correct answer: lmao)

Elp: Lmao or his kkkkkkk (Correct answer: Correct answer: lol)

Would Elp/Ayan rather spend a day at the beach, in the city, or in the mountains?

Ayan: He’s visited a beach a couple of times. It’s gotta be that. Plus it’s a good view to birdwatch (Correct answer: in the city)

Elp: At the beach

What’s his favourite season?

Ayan: Summer (Correct answer: winter)

Elp: Summer (Correct answer: winter)

And lastly, what does Elp/Ayan like more – sweet, sour, salt, or spicy?

Ayan: Sweet. Ice cream. Unless there’s some salted ice cream, which at that point, I’d just kms

Elp: Spicy (Correct answer: sweet)

First off, ever heard of salted caramel ice cream? And secondly, I’m starting to doubt the “fact” that you guys are friends. So Ayan and Elp got a score of… 33.3%! Since I suppose you were aiming for achieving the worst score yet, all I can say is congratulations. And also Elp is the greatest. We will be back next week with more exciting interviews! 

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“At least you’re better than that retard Swager” – Ayan

Until we hunt for another pair of besties, signing off for now, 

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