Double Trouble

Hiya helpers!! Welcome back to the latest edition of Double Trouble, a series where Dhanush and PinguMaliz interview the besties of Help Force! Today we will interview Alex and Plotter, find out how they got to know each other, and also how well they know each other!

We’ll start off by learning a bit more about them!

Welcome to Double Trouble, Alex and Plotter!

Alex: Hello hello

Plotter: Helo uwu

So how do you guys feel being here together?

Alex: O god, I’m excited to see how this goes but still kinda anxious, feels like a test lol

Plotter: It’s grape for the most part, I love sharing stories but I’m honestly worried for the questions at the end

Haha the interview questions are not that tough but the test is evil laugh. Anyways for our first question.. How did you guys first meet?

Alex: Well Plotter dmd me first, I can’t remember if we talked before that, though either way, it was through HF

Plotter: OH GOD AHAH I had saved the message in our dms for this one sob. We were having the pfp trend going around and I was dming everyone who had followed along lmfao, and then it went from event reminders and dms. Eventually I learnt that he listened to songs on Spotify as well so I decided to tag along and learn more about him while having some background music xD

Ooh nice haha, do you guys have any favourite memories with each other in or out of HF?

Plotter: Oh a bunch! I save as many as I can in screenshots tbh, from the funniest moments in our conversations to the many matching pfps we’ve tried out so far. Sometimes I even screenshot the moments we coincidentally do or say the same thing. I also love the many puzzles we’ve done together and the pictures of the sunset or scenery we send each other.

Alex: This is gonna be hard to answer with my bad memory D’: Honestly I don’t know if I can choose, from the matching pfps, studying hours, chaotic dms, they’re all amazing in their own way.


The best conversation

Alex: I still don’t know what the journey was

Plotter: Oops, I’ll get onto the laptop someday to say it

Wow- xD Moving on, How did you guys get the nicknames for each other (Salad man and Bert)?

Alex: I genuinely don’t know how plotter came up with ‘salad man’ (I love it tho); but the ‘Bert’ nickname came from a typo, goos was trying to type something else and ended up typing bert instead, they’re both lovely nicknames

Plotter: Aaa tbh, I say a lot of things on impulse and I give people a lot of nicknames like nervoos, zamb the lamb, racoon man. because it was on impulse, I don’t know as to why I chose salad man but we both liked it so we stuck to saying that

Ooh, so how did you guys get into the matching pfp?

Alex: I think?? Plotter asked first if we should match, ofc I said yes, matching pfps look great he found the green ones in the screenshot, and then we both kept sending Instagram posts and pics that would make cute pfps, so we just went along with it THEY’RE ALL SO CUTE THO I’m really glad he asked to match 😀

Plotter: YEAH the first one in the ss is special tho. That one had a small crisis because I found the racoon but there was no goos, so with my special editing skill I made one as a goos and we both had matching pfps. From then on we searched for cute ones on Instagram yuh yuh

Wow So Plotter does Alex ever steal ur food? XD

Alex: SMH >:(

Plotter: LOL nahh he’s too nice to me T-T I think if we had any food (considering we are starving as staff) he’d rather share with me than take mine

Haha, so before we end do you guys wanna say anything to the readers?

Alex: This is the hardest answer to think about, I don’t think I have anything else to say also no I do not steal the (non-existent) food >:(

Plotter: YEHS I’m very glad I have a wonderful friend like salad man, he’s everything I could ask for and more. He’s been with me through a lot of problems I face and he’s always there for me. I appreciate all the help, love and support from my dear racoon. (I apologise if it’s cheesy but he’s a grape friend and it’s all true)

And on that note, it’s time to move on to the next part of this post – the friendship test! Alex and Plotter will answer six random this or that questions about themselves. Then, they will be asked the same questions one more time but answer with what they think the other person said. At the end, they will receive a score depending on how well they did. 

Hello Alex! How are you feeling today?

Alex: Hello! I’m good, curious about how this is gonna go

Yeah hahah the questions are really random so we’ll see. So! Would you rather listen to music or podcasts?

Alex: Music!

Yesss same here, would you rather have more money or more (free) time?

Alex: That’s tough, I think more time

Yeah hahah, this one might be easier. When at the movies, do you prefer candy, popcorn, or hot snacks?

Alex: Oo popcorn!

Oo nice, now what would you rather work as? A game developer, pilot, or dentist?

Alex: Oh god D: probably game developer

Aaand what’s the best way to travel: car, plane, train, or bike? (If you prefer something else then rip ig)

Alex: I’m gonna guess that this is about long(er) distances, I’m gonna say train

Yeah exactly. So for the last question, what’s your favourite season?

Alex: Summer!

Now that we know what Alex has said, let’s take a look at Plotter’s answers!

Hi Plotter! How are you today?

Plotter: I’m doing quite alright compared to the past few days

Oo okay hope it keeps getting better then! The first question is, would you rather listen to music or podcasts?

Plotter: Sob I love both but I think I’d listen to music on any day, I tend to lose my focus during podcasts

Oo, would you rather have more money or more (free) time?

Plotter: I want loads more free time, I can’t do anything these days istg

Yesss omg totally agree there lol. So when at the movies, do you prefer candy, popcorn, or hot snacks?

Plotter: Funny thing is I actually don’t like eating lmaoo. But I think I prefer hot snacks like some warm nacho cheese. If I could I would take bread

Aah alr, well next question then, would you rather work as a game developer, pilot, or dentist?

Plotter: I’m actually planning to study aeronautical engineering, so pilot is actually a career I might look into

Oh wow interesting, that’s cool. So what’s the best way to travel, car, plane, train, or bike?


WOOOOO might have been able to count that out considering your last answer, but yeah hahah. Now what’s your favourite season?

Plotter: LOL my favourite season is winter despite living in a country with only summer

Omgg I can’t imagine what that’s like, mine is also winter but my country is coooold, snow is amazing!!

Plotter: I’ve never seen snow :’(

D: Hope you do someday then! Anyways, do you think Alex would rather listen to music or podcasts?

Still, I can’t imagine a life without snow D’: But now that we have all of the answers, let’s jump back to Alex and see if he manages to guess correctly!

Perfect! So now about Plotter, do you think he would rather listen to music or podcasts?

Alex: I think he’d listen to music 

Okayyy, would he rather have more money or more time?

Alex: I think more free time? These are tough lol

Yeah hahah that’s why I chose them :)) When at the movies, would he prefer candy, popcorn, or hot snacks?

Alex: Popcorn, I think (Correct answer: Hot snacks)

And would he rather work as a game developer, pilot, or dentist?

Alex: Aaa I’m gonna go with,, game developer (Correct answer: Pilot)

Alright, and according to Plotter the best way to travel is by car, plane, train, or bike?

Alex: omg uh, plane, I think

Okay so last question now! What’s his favourite season?

Alex: I believe it’s winter

And that’s it! Yayy thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Have a great day/evening/smth 😀

Alex: Thank youuu!! You too 🙂

We still have one more part before we can call it a day, so let’s check out what Plotter believes Alex would say!

Do you think Alex would rather listen to music or podcasts?

Plotter: Music woooo

And would he rather have more money or more time?

Plotter: I think more time as well

Alr, so when at the movies does he prefer candy, popcorn, or hot snacks?

Plotter: SOB uhh tbh this one is hard.. Hmm I think he’d go with popcorn, a classic snack

Greatt so would he rather work as a game developer, pilot, or dentist?

Plotter: Game developer I think, he studies languages so D’: it’s hard to guess

Yeah hahah the options are kinda limited, I’m not saying anything but it’s looking well for you guys! So, the best way to travel: car, plane, train, or bike?

Plotter: Hmm he’s been on a plane once but he thinks rationally, so a train. Easier to get to long distances comfortably

Yeah, so last question now! What’s his favourite season?

Plotter: Lesgo summer woooo

Yessss okay so thank you so much for your time! Have a great day/evening/whatever 😀

Plotter: WOO you too!!

WOOOO that’s it for today! First of all, good job Plotter for getting every single question right! And Alex you did alright too I guess. Plotter and Alex ended up with a score of… 83.3 %!! That’s the best score yet! But now it’s time to wrap up this weeks edition of Double Trouble, and I really hope you enjoyed the post! We will be back next week with more exciting interviews! Until we hunt for another pair of besties, signing off for now 😀

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