“A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.”

Tournaments are rare events usually held once every few months. In a tournament, several armies battle each other and compete in an elimination format. They are often extremely hyped as each army wants to win. The reason for this is: winning a tournament proves that your army is the best one around at that point. It proves that your army is the champion out of the 15-20 armies that exist in the community. And most importantly, it earns you tons of sweet perks and bragging rights.

Help Force has the best AUSIA Division in the entire army community. We are consistent with our maxes, and we have strong AUSIA staff members. But most importantly, the AUSIA Division is a family that comes together to help each other in times of need. However, tournaments are generally held during EU times, as the Club Penguin army community finds those timings much more suitable. This uncomfortable timing results in most of the AUSIA division never being able to prove themselves as the best.

All of this changed in December 2020. The Army of CP decided to take matters in their own hands by hosting the very first AUSIA Tournament ever – the Aces of AUSIA. The entire Help Force was very excited to participate in this much awaited event. However, there was a challenge. The Christmas Chaos tournament, which was an EU tournament, clashed with the dates of Aces of AUSIA. Help Force decided to take both tournaments head on, aiming to score a victory in both.

On December 12th, 2020, 63 Helpers logged on for the Aces of AUSIA Semi Finals against the Silver Empire, easily winning the battle. However, the Semi Finals of Christmas Chaos were on the same day. HF maxed 75+ but still lost to the Rebel Penguin Federation, ending their dream of winning the Christmas Chaos. Despite this heavy blow, the brave Helpers stood back up on their feet, and began preparing to rise from the low.

Following a long week of heavy recruiting and incredible efforts from the entire staff team, the Helpers finally entered the battlefield on December 20th to face off against the Army of Club Penguin. More than 85 Helpers cheered as we won the battle 3-0 and broke the AUSIA battle max record. The very first AUSIA Tournament hosted in the history of Club Penguin, and Help Force was the winner!

Fast forward to present day. This month, the second AUSIA tournament of the community will take place – AUSIA Arena. The tournament, organized by a unique team, will involve all the armies of the community. This weekend, we will be facing the Army of CP once again on the battlefield. The two finalists from last year will face off against each other in their first battle this year.

As the previous winners, we are the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS of AUSIA. I urge upon all of you to come help us repeat history and defend our title. We are the strongest, mightiest AUSIA army in the history of this game, and it is time to prove it. In the past month, we have consistently maxed 40+ at several AUSIA events. Last Saturday, we maxed 45+ in an AUSIA practice battle against the Ice Warriors, completely dominating the entire battle. We are the Defending Champions, we retained our caliber. We can win this tournament, and we will win this tournament. Every single army out there wishes to defeat us, but none of them will be getting that chance this year.

Helpers, it is time to unite, time to stand up proud and march into battle with bravery. Whether you are AUSIA, EU, or US, it is time to unite, and vanquish anyone who dares stand in our way.

I hope you are ready to Unleash The Fury Of AUSIA.


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