Song of the Week #5

The goos is back!! Another song suggestion has arrived and this time, it’s from one of my really good friends. The song abcdefu was suggested by the one and only…Lisa!!

Here’s what she had to say about the song:

i love the song abcdefu by gayle cos its such a bop like, you can scream it while driving somewhere or scream it to someone ur mad at and it rlly hypes u up

She’s absolutely right! You can really feel the energy coming across and I think its a fun way to be passive-aggressive towards a person you really despise. The song is also really cool because of the parts when the singer switches between a head voice and chest voice. It certainly is a commendable skill since not many people can master this challenging technique. The chorus of the song is also…quite obviously a crowd favourite! Besides all that, The picture of the track suits the song well. It’s an image of a broken middle finger through an x-ray. Whoever made the image is a genius! A very clever idea.

The song was released on August 13 2021. Quite a recent hit! Known and loved by many, all over the world. The song’s genre is Pop-Punk. Gayle, the emerging artist co-wrote this song with Sara Davis and David Pittenger. Gayle is a 17 year old from Nashville. A young artist!! The song has a few variations to it, which are all available on Spotify. The song is about trying so hard to be nice to the point where it was negatively affecting the artist during a relationship. It definitely lives up to being a ‘viciously fun breakup song’. The song is available on Deezer, Youtube and Spotify like always!!! Here is the usual playlist to accompany this bop, until next time!

That’s it for this time! Come back next week for another song of the week!

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