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Saturday Morning

*blink blink* I do as I stretch and yawn. I roll over and check my phone. “It’s saturday morning yall!” I yell waking up Diwix, Elp, and everyone else in the sleeping quarters. “It’s time for some breakfast, cartoons, and a whole day of fun!” I say excited. I get up and put my shirt on. I walk to the living room and turn on some cartoons. “You are so annoying Shad!” Nell yells from across the building. “I can hear you talking from over here!” I laugh as I walk to the kitchen. “I agree! Go back to sleep like a normal old man!” Elp yells at me. “Well I am making breakfast so be quiet before you get nothing!” I respond back sternly. I pull out the pancake batter, some eggs, bacon, and some bread. I start cooking breakfast and realize something. I’m missing music. I walk over to the speaker and turn on some classic rock. Bohemian Rhapsody is playing so I start singing. Elp walks into the kitchen. “You sound like a dying cow so I came to check on you” Elp says with a smirk. “Haha so funny.” I say with a chuckle.

“Breakfast is ready!” I yell across the building. “Y’all better come get it while it’s still hot!” I put the food on the table and start making my plate. I sit down in the living room while everyone starts making their plate. Every Saturday we eat in the living room while we watch cartoons in the morning. Then we discuss the plan for the day. Nell comes over and sits next to me. Elp goes and sits in his lazyboy chair while Diwix, Joe, Lisa, and Jayden sit on the couches. “Thank you Shad the food is good!” Nell says. “Thank you Nell Nell.” I respond smiling. As we sit there and eat we go over our plan for the day.

We get done eating and Diwix starts getting up. “It’s your turn for the dishes today Diwix so don’t forget!” Lisa says. Diwix starts gathering up the dishes from everyone. I get up and walk over to my room. I start getting ready for the day. We decided that we were all gonna go to the beach today. So I put on my silkies and a tank top. Everyone else is still changing in their rooms so I go to the living room and turn on some music.

As people finish changing they meet me in the living room. “Hurry up Lisa!” I say. “You take forever!” “Shut up Shad!“ she responds. I go out to the garage with Joe to get the cooler ready. “We need to make sure we stop to get more ice.” Joe says. “Yeah we will.” I respond. As we finish getting the cooler ready we put it in the back of the truck. I also put a speaker in the backseat of the truck so we can listen to music. I start up the truck. “Everyone ready?” I ask. Everyone says yes so I tell them all to get in. Then we drive off.

As we get to the beach I find us a good parking spot. “We’re here!” I announce. “Woohoo!” Nell says with excitement. “Everyone out!” I say. Everyone starts getting out and I start getting the cooler with Joe. We get it down and we all head down to our spot on the beach.

End of Story

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