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Updated HF Uniform: May 2021

Hey Helpers! 

As you all know, CPRewritten is now our primary CPPS and all possible events will be held on this particular game. Knowing the Advanced Uniform cannot be obtained because of CPR’s catalogues being different and unavailable as well.

Hence, we now have come up with the new Advanced Uniform!
This will be used in Army Trainings, Operations and Battles. It is important that everyone buys the items listed out below on their accounts and keep them ready for future events! :helpforce:

How to earn coins on CPRewritten?

Fret not. There are a few mini games which work, for example – Cart Surfer and Find Four. You can also get a high amount of coins real quick by mining.
A total of 570 Coins are needed for this uniform!

Location of the catalogue: Gift Shop

Face Item: Black Sunglasses

Body Item: Blue Letterman Jacket

Hand Item: Blue Electric Guitar / Blue Electric Bass
if you don’t have either of these items it’s okay, just wear the rest

Color: Dark Blue

And that’s it! the all the other items are your choice, i’ll see you all out there!

Unleash the power of helping!

11 Responses


  2. lol

  3. How do i get the viking horn?

    • Keep an eye on Rainbow’s Catalogue Guides and secrets to know more about hidden and secret items in the catalogue every month!

    • its in catolog as a secret if u want blue one find viking horns and reoeadedly open it

  4. Is that the uniform everyone is wearing

    • Yes indeed! That will be the exact same uniform which every member in Help Force wears during an official event, operation or a battle.

      However, only the Head Item, is an Item of Choice & it is your wish what you want your penguin to be wearing at the battlefield!

  5. I Don’t Have Blue Electric Guitar / Blue Electric Bass

    • The guitars were a part of the Lighthouse catalogue but that is not available anymore! You can use any similar guitar item or a sword, etc

  6. Done

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