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Welcome to “How Would You Help?” A series brought to you by your favorite writer, Jayden! This series takes you on a drive through the eyes of the Staff team and what they would do in a sticky situation. Be it Discord, HFIsland, or CPRewritten recruiting, with the help of our amazing helpers, we will ask 3 staff members at a time, on how would they help resolve a situation! Feel free to reply with how you would help in the comment section below for a chance to be featured in the next post!

Today, we decided to ask 3 Generals, Taylor, Stemv and Janez

An army is specifically accusing you of ruining army events, something that can potentially create wars and conflicts when you have not been involved. How would you respond to this situation against:
1) The Army Accusing you
2) The Leaders
3) The CPA Community

Our first person is our AUSIA General, Stemv

first i would try to have a full report of the case like with proofs and all and if it really my fault then i would write an apology letter to the respected army the leaders and the CPA community and maybe backout from the next army event for the peace

The next person we asked is our EU General, Janez.

1) It has come to my attention that I was accused of [whatever]. I would like to reassure you this did not happen and any evidence you might have against me, I can most likely disprove. I am sorry it has come to this and I wish we resolve this ASAP!
2) I am sorry for the headache you are getting from all of this. I can provide any and all evidence you might need to disprove what the [army or person] is saying. Thank you for sticking with me, I really do appreciate it.
3) In the past [time] the [army/person] has accused me of [accusation]. I have not been involved in such activities because I am aware of the consequences it might bring and the impact it can have on the whole CPA community.
To everyone who believes me and knows I am innocent, I am truly grateful for your support.
To everyone who thinks I did what I am being accused of, I hope I can convince you with evidence I am providing to the leaders and the accuser.

Finally, we asked our wonderful US General, Taylor.

If i were accused of ruining army events, I would first try to figure out who reported it and what their intentions were in accusing me. Then, I would figure out which army they are from and if the army has something against me or my army. After that, I would ask for proof of me ruining army events. If the evidence is stacked against me, I would make a sincere apology to everyone I upset including the army, the CPA community, and the army’s leaders and ensure that I was not aware that I was ruining another army’s events. If the evidence proves to be false and misled, I would prove to CPA, the army that accused me, and their leaders that I was not at fault and that I never ruined another army’s event. I would hope that the army that accused me would not be angry about being proven wrong and peace would be restored among all parties involved.

So that’s all for today! We hope that this post gave you a better understanding of multiple situations you may face!

Comment down below on what you would do to help to get a chance to be featured next week! Make sure you drop in your own situation!

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