How Would You Help?

Welcome to “How Would You Help?” A brand new series brought to you by your favorite writer, Jayden! This series takes you on a drive through the eyes of the Staff team and what they would do in a sticky situation. Be it Discord, HFIsland, or CPRewritten recruiting, with the help of our amazing helpers, we will ask 3 staff members at a time, on how would they help resolve a situation! Feel free to reply with how you would help in the comment section below for a chance to be featured in the next post!

For our first post, we decided to ask our 3 most highest-ranking staff members the ultimate question for CPRewritten

2 Banned members from HF are upset and are blocking your recruiting segments over on CPRewritten. You cannot report them at all because you know, they will not be banned. They have been ruining segments for the past 4 days and show no signs of stopping. What do you do and why?

Our first person is our Commander, Tistle

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do, keep evading them, try and find out who they are, I even enjoy trolling them in return, survival of the fittest, one will give up first and you have to make sure it’s them

The next person we asked is our Chief, Barnito.

Obviously, they’d be banned from our discord. Though they might have joined through alt accounts, we’d have to somehow be sure that they stayed banned. There is no use of arguing with them about it since we members know what we do, we help with various stuff. So, them trying to distract and scare away potential recruits is disheartening. If it’s a recruitment, then i’d suggest not updating locations for time being because there might be a snitch. If they start reporting and banning us, then i guess we’d have to shift the time of the segment being hosted either early or later so that we avoid them. Can’t stand alts being banned without even trying to recruit properly right ? Stamp segments would be a no because they can easily spot all of us.
I’d try talking to them, but they should listen to reason.

Finally, we asked our lovely Admiral, Hannah.

First of all the oppressed helper should inform a member of staff in Help Force. They should also try moving servers that are also busy and try recruiting there instead. Ignoring the banned member via their profile on cpr can also help.

So that’s all for today! We hope that this post gave you a better understanding on multiple situations you may face! Feel free to comment what you would do to help to have a chance to be featured next week as well drop in your own situation!

Unleash the Power of Helping!

6 Responses

  1. I have no idea hahahaha, I would definitely try to find out who the person is and try to avoid coming around him. Informing a staff right after I found out who the person is 😀

  2. So, I have heard first time bout this kinda thing, So first i would definitely Try to find about the persons, Things like this happen usually everywhere so everyone needs to be alert all the time. After i would have found out who that person is then i would inform the commander or the chief about everything that i find out.

  3. I will try to find the person and tell them to stop for free marshmallows!
    (so of course they will stop, who doesn’t want free marshmallow)

  4. I agree with Barn.
    Also maybe establishing a secret division if the problem continues? I heard we had that, back in CPO. Also trying to find that person sounds interesting but is it even possible? Probably not always.

    Oh, and I love the new series, great idea! <3

  5. CPO Join To CPPS Recruit Meet To Friend Good!

  6. Thank you for the advice. To hear that people had done such things is a bit of a disappointment, I hope this issue won’t turn out worse as it is. Maybe also the next time we encounter said people is that we ask what seems to be the problem.

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