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“The 13” [RESULTS]

In the hotly anticipated “The 13”, the original list of 45 candidates has been narrowed down to an ordered list of the most influential people in the Help Force. With plenty of votes coming in from the troops, staff members, as well as veterans, here are the results.

As stated earlier, we simply wanted you to choose the 13 most deserving people of 2020 up till now. Inspired by CP Army Central, the order was done in a points system, with 13 points being given for being positioned first in a vote until the 13th placed person was given 1 point. This was done for every vote until each candidate was given an overall total.

Below is the 13 selected by the helpers in order, with the number of points from votes they received.

1. Tistle (283)

2. Barnito (238)

3. Elpiojo123 (158)

4. Juanita (154)

5. Hannah (143)

6. Moon (130)

7. Spotty (129)

8. Komal (92)

9. Rooboo (90)

10. Nell825 (81)

11. Jayden (79)

12. Alexei (61)

13. Crystal (60)

The year 2020 started with a strong administration up-front. With several people being promoted, and demoted, the army rose through the tough times and succeeded. Be it placing above the Rebel Penguin Federation in January, or beating the Doritos of Club Penguin in the Legends Cup quarter-finals, the Help Force has shown immense determination and proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. We have brought together biographies for the Top three candidates on the list, which you can see below.


It’s no news what Tistle has achieved in his short time of leadership has achieved many things that have proven himself worthy of his position. Ever since the HF Exodus, after the army has declined, he managed to increase both the activity and the maxes of the events and segments. There were times of turmoil even among the staff, but with teamwork and guidance, these obstacles could be overcome.

After Moon’s retirement shortly after the World War Rewritten, Tistle was capable of keeping the army growing. Alongside the staff members, the intense honest recruiting and hard-working activities, they have managed to register a new max record in a battle against the Doritos during the Legends Cup. Tistle was voted number one on the list, with both troops and staff members votes he absolutely decimated the rest with the score. He is a charismatic leader, has his own ways of doing stuff.

I say with all honesty that Tistle has indeed exceeded all of my expectations as a leader. Truly a new golden era for Help Force.

~ Elpiojo123, Help Force Stalwart & Current Guardian


Since Barnito’s trial in late September, he has grown from strength to strength as a Moderator and now a Leader. During his extensive time as a moderator, he has shown countless times his commitment to Help Force.

The hours of recruiting and moderating are clear proof of this. His importance to the AUSIA Division was highlighted even more after the departure of Juanita and his deserved promotion to Admiral, where he delivered on a number of levels. Since becoming a Leader, his relationship with myself has blossomed and we are now both very transparent with our ideas and plans for the army.

His effort to AUSIA is hard to be overlooked as the hype and enthusiasm he brings to the members and staff is outstanding.

~ Tistle, Help Force Commander & Icon


Elpiojo a.k.a Elp is one of the pillars to the Help Force community. Leading his way through success in 2019, where he brought several new ideas into the administration, proved to be of ultimate use. Elp has served to be the front-face for the US division in the past year and has led the army to great heights under the Triads leadership. It could be said, that he is the reason behind the influx of the Hispanic community into the discord and the outbreak of the sudden activity.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.”, a quote by J.R.R Tolkien can be directly related to Elp’s personality. Standing strong through the dark times of the army, to being there when the community needed him the most, he has proved his loyalty in every way possible. The major support behind the transition from Club Penguin Online to CPR, Elp has been there for HF, as a guardian since the exodus.

Currently, in an advisory position, Elp makes sure that there are no major issues in the handling of the army. Using the best out of his experience, he handles his friends, troops, as well as guides the leaders whenever necessary. It is thus justified for him getting this position on the most influential people of 2020. A true comrade, a loyal friend, and all above all, a great person

~ Ayan, Help Force Creator & Legend

This concludes the event of the “13”. We hope that you had fun voting, and felt proud going reading this post. Unleash the Power of Helping.


HF Creator & Legend

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