Help Force’s Apology to DCP

Hi there.

I am writing this post today to address the provocation in drama that’s spiked from ever since the DCP battle with HF in the Legends Cup Quarter Finals up to today. Within this time period, DCP scheduled two invasions on Help Force territory, one of which they narrowly won and the other comfortably, after I decided that Help Force was better off taking a short break (2-3 days) from battling to focus on recruiting for the Semi Finals. This post is designed as an apology to DCP, Meer, Dino and anyone else who was affected by what happened involving Help Force over the last 7 days.


Prior to Tuesday’s invasion of Skates, I was requested by Meer to come and battle to defend our server. I was unsure at first whether I had the energy to conduct this battle and therefore was hesitant about it. Deep down, I told myself that we were prepared to sacrifice our minor servers for more Top 20 events and recruiting events, ignoring DCP’s invasions while they claimed our land. On that Tuesday, we had a Duck Takeover event scheduled at the same time as their invasion, and truthfully, it hadn’t crossed my mind until Meer pointed it out to me. It made me realize, that after 2 rooms of their invasion, DCP would have had the opportunity to raid our rogue, spoiling what was left of this. Whether they would do this, I don’t know, but in the end I wasn’t prepared to take the risk.

Despite telling Meer Help Force wasn’t going to show up, and after toying with the judges about it too, I decided in a very short space of time to respond to the invasion. We logged onto Sleet (battle server) instead of Blizzard where our rogue would have been and we decided to battle. In conclusion, with it being an unscheduled battle and having two inexperienced moderators leading the battle, only losing 1 room of the 3 is a huge success. However, I inadvertently lied to DCP and I have since apologized for doing so as lying is not part of me. I only wanted to reiterate this here where I had the opportunity to do so.


Thursday was a different story however. Their invasion of Northern Lights was scheduled an hour after our Bubblegum Bonanza rogue event and Unscheduled EU operation on the Battle CPPS. It ended about 5 minutes to 9, UK time, just as DCP were ready to claim our server back over on CPR. I had told Meer for certain this time that HF was not going to show and I wasn’t prepared to go back on that once more. However, a moderator of ours, Dlark or Stracciatella, decided on her own accord to show up to this invasion. At this point, I wasn’t at my computer and wasn’t aware of her doing this until I came back online. I thought it was a joke at first, which was why I overlooked it. It only came to my attention again when DCP issued a response post targeting this. You can view that post by clicking here.

The proof is in the pudding. I can’t defend Dlark for what she did during that invasion since it is honestly unacceptable. Some could debate it’s alongside Multilogging as one of the worst things you could try and do to an army. Have them be reported and ruining a good time for them. I don’t condone this behaviour at all and I would have issued the demotion, but Dlark departing from the HF server made that job easy for me. It was clumsy and a mistake. Wearing HF uniform and not even using an alt is practically a death wish.

Furthermore, what also strikes me as absurd is that Dlark has been issuing Inactive Reasoning for not hosting for approximately 2 weeks, with various reasons including travelling and family time, Despite this, she had the time to log on and disrupt DCP’s event, but couldn’t come to our event that was 10 minutes earlier. Additionally, she was tracking mascots for us last night despite claiming she “couldn’t have her laptop on because her grandparents would trip over the wire,” which meant she was unable to host a segment. Make what you want of that, but I can’t be the one forcing people to do things when I know nothing about their real life requirements. It just feels like there are loose ends all over the place.

To Dlark,

If you’re reading this. I suggest you take a long time thinking over what you’ve done. Not just Thursday but over the duration of your inactive period. There are false claims in here somewhere, and it’s pretty evident. If you ever consider returning back to armies, note that your reputation has been damaged and it will be near impossible to remedy this. What you did to try and bring down DCP and armies in general will be frowned upon by the whole community and once again, it’s a mess that I’ve had to clear up. Regardless it would have been nice if you apologized to me and the staff before leaving the server. I hope you learn from this mistake and grow from it.

To conclude,

Dino in that DCP post directed a message to me, which I’ll respond to:

To CPAM, to the community, even to Tistle: If we are going to let this slide, then armies will cease to exist for good after June.”

I totally agree and I couldn’t have put it any better. The effort and impact that I’ve had to make on Help Force alone has been a challenge and I can’t imagine it’s any different for all the other armies. Rightfully it’s a message to the wider community, as our survival is under severe threat. Recruiting is harder and our survive-ability is getting more grueling everyday. I genuinely hope that this is seen as a learning curve to my staff, my army, other leaders and their armies and the community as a whole. What happened was not right and I strongly believe that we must work as united as possible to keep our society together.

Tistle | HF Commander

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