Practice Battle vs Ice Warriors

Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto CPAM for a Mandatory Practice Battle against Ice Warriors. Despite the battle resulting in a loss for Help Force; Tactics, bombs and formations were all performed perfectly with coordination. The Rooms in which the Battle took place in were: The Docks, The Iceberg, and Inside the mine. Led by Commander Tistle, 2ic Barnito and 3ic Hannah. Good Job Helpers!

MAX: 39+

Make sure you comment below for points!

Thanks for attending this event, We hope to see you again!
Unleash The Power Of Helping!

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  1. I attended

  2. did attend yastrday event

  3. Can I PLEASE be unbanned and get a new invite? The invites on the site dont work

  4. Oh, its Fera the FeraligatrMaster1 btw

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