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Addressing DCP’s Allegations

Hello everyone.

As you all know, Help Force won the recent Legends Cup battle against DCP. A narrow but overall incredible win which for many seemed suspicious. Naturally, given the magnitude of this victory, there are allegations against HF for the extreme rise in our max at the battle. Many accusations were thrown, such as multilogging, biased judges, using allies, even weak throws like bringing in lots of veterans and general cheating. This article exists to rectify every single one of these claims. Since Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows, I thought I’d take up busting one of my own.

HF’s Growth

The screenshot above was the original battle announcement, posted on June 9th, 2020. Over the course of 4 days, we managed to gather 120 reactions, and max 71 attendees on the day. This, may I add, is Help Force’s biggest max outside of CPO, EVER. It’s been 6 long months since we’ve hit 70 in an event, and we strive to achieve even higher in the semi finals. The accusations that we didn’t deserve to hit 70 today are farcical. There are reasons why we sprung our max for this battle, and I’ll provide more evidence below.

There’s no doubt we worked our socks off for this win. These recruiting segments (within 24h of the battle) demonstrate this more than anything. I can’t even fit the previous two days on because there isn’t enough room. With this, the gratitude goes out to all the staff and troops who made these segments so successful!

The first of these records was taken in the early hours of June 13th, and the second a few hours after the battle had concluded. As you can see, the Help Force server had gained almost 100 new members in the space of 24h, which emphasizes the huge effort that we’ve made to recruit and grow for the battle.

This was the response from DCP Commander, Badboy, moments after it was announced that HF had won the battle. This isn’t addressing any accusations or anything, but it’s amusing anyway. Also the “32op is fixing this” sounds a bit edgy, whatever that means.


As for the allegations about using allies in the battle, we have nothing to show about that, simply because we didn’t. From the looks of their tactics, it seems that DCP is still under the impression that we are allied to the Army of CP. Breaking news Doritos: That alliance ended with HF declaring war on ACP on May 2nd, 2020. You can check out that fact here. You can also view our nations page to see our allies here. Neither RPF nor IW helped us. RPF had already battled an hour prior and IW had to prepare for their Quarter Final against ACP the day after. Continue to accuse us all you like, but there’s clearly a flaw in your “research project.”

The Tactics

This isn’t as much a major point, but the entire HF staff team is fairly disappointed with the lame tactics that DCP came up with against many of the HCOM and former staff members. At least a dozen tactics targetted members such as myself, Leader Tistle, Creator Ayan, Former 1ic’s Spotty and Moon and even 4ic Crystal. There’s nothing more to say. Tistle laughing on VC while leading pretty much says it all.

The Judges

We all know that almost everyone has different views on how this battle panned out. I’d like to say first off that there are no Help Force Official representative Judges in CPAM. The only relevant HF person in CPAM is CEO Ayan, and he wasn’t even awake for the battle.

There have been accusations stating that Flen, one of the judges, was biased. They said he made it so that HF would win so RPF wouldn’t have to face DCP and risk defeat in the finals. Flen clearly stated in the chat that the decision was difficult and that he would discuss it with the rest of the judges. I’ve already asked a judge and they confirmed that there was a hefty discussion about the winning army between all of the judges. The decision was NOT made by one person alone.


We hope that we covered all the loose ends from this whole mess. We were never seriously accused of anything but this is all to make sure that no armies try and claim things that are untrue against us. The Help Force is a family, and we do not need to cheat in any way to make ourselves feel better. We hope this settles this for good and that this tournament can continue without sore losers complaining every five minutes.

Tistle ~ HF Commander

Barnito ~ HF Chief

Flypin ~ HF Marshal

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