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Faces Of The Force – ROOBOO

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to this week’s edition of Faces Of The Force!

To be a vital Helper, you don’t have to spend your life on Discord. To be a vital Helper, you don’t have to talk 24/7. All that we require of you is your attendance, following of rules, and Help Force spirit! We notice each and every one of you and all the things that you do for the Force.

This week’s face is a little less known than last week’s. However, this week’s face has worked just as hard to be the best helper they can be. This week’s Face is none other than ROOBOO!

Now, ROOBOO is not a person you see in the discord often. However, he attends segments and events vigorously. He dms staff after every single segment or event they host to compliment their segment and thank them for hosting. ROOBOO uses some of the most inviting recruiting lines. ROOBOO has worked hard in the army, just as many of you have. Although he may not speak much, ROOBOO’s efforts for the army have not gone unseen.

Without further ado; the interview



So Rooboo, what drove you to joining Help Force?


So firstly I was playing normally with a friend and he knows I’m a massive Potterhead so he told me someone’s advertising a Hogwarts Igloo! So I ran straight to town and visited the igloo and sadly till now I can’t remember for whom it was.. so then I kept finding many penguins talking about the houses having a discord and a Hogwarts community on discord. I was directly lead where to go, so I joined and had a very special and amazing time during the week and it’s a long story from here haha.. what’s funny is that I didn’t know it’s Help Force… I thought it’s only Hogwarts and so on but found out it was a theme for the week and honestly: the first people who lead me through this and after I saw everything happening: I was totally lost in how unbelievably this family is precious.. and things continued from there.


Well then Rooboo, what’s your favourite thing about Help Force?


….. No matter how hard I try I’ll never know how to express what’s in my heart… When we know more we want more, when we want more we find more, when we find more we seek more, when we seek more we dive more, when we dive more we live more, and when we live more we love more.. a simple thing I could say is that our distances are way more closer than we think, simply because distances never matter when hearts are together; for they have the love and connection.. our spirit strikes our hearts and touches us to get closer and love more and all our memories are forever stamped inside us.. this shows how endlessly there are very angelic, beautiful, simple, peaceful, loving, wonderful, colourful, and illuminating people everywhere.. our game is simple and in the end something very special and to make it seem more than real life resembles how much the beauty of our work spreads in the wonder of our acts. From the events to the segments, to the games, to the tournaments, to the raids, to the outings……. make us seek way more than we think.. we spread a lot of love and care unconsciously and this plants a lot of love and light deep inside of us and in everyone around us and in the end we light and shine everywhere we go in real life and in the game… A simple part of our purpose is to show the depth of the game’s beauty, the real US, the way we as a family love, and the way we forever will want to shine every heart around us… and every time we make someone’s moment, it is forever remembered because it’s actually true that people may forget what we do or say, but will never forget how we made them feel.. so it’s so amazing how we always spread energy and love even from a simple penguin waddling around a happy map..


Moving on from your lovely words to more simple questions, why have you been refusing points?


Oh my haha.. I won’t deny having points, promotions, roles, and so on is so energetic, challenging, and fun.. but sometimes a person may feel: what if this path leads to so much happiness, but there is another path that could lead into eternal happiness….. when we truly love and help someone in real life: we never have a glimpse of a thought for a repay.. I wanted to seek to help in a different way, truly know how to help and truly see how my heart will act if I’m not getting rewarded.. and in order to do so I had to sacrifice a part which is the points to truly combine my heart with the family more and more and truly enjoy our time more and more. And it also calms me down in a way like I wouldn’t mind points but after some time it makes me see our spirit in a different way……


Well, heading away from Help Force for a question

What’s something you enjoy doing outside of the Help Force?


I mainly enjoy finding happiness when I see people happier. I love to do activities, play sports, like so many challenges and  I like to go to very far places in a desert sometimes, to walk in the wind and sit on a high place in front of the stars. I also scuba dive and a lot of things actually.. much more.. but this kind of fills my heart to know how to spread happiness to others.. in the end we are all needy some way and I would love to simply make someone happy, even if it’s drawing a simple smile.


That’s so kind of you Rooboo!

Moving along swiftly, is there any Staff Members you look up to?


I look up to everyone. I weep actually sometimes thinking of how simple each one of the family is.. it creates a very emotional touch to see us all play, work, dedicate,…. into something very simple and deep and everyone makes it seem so real.. simply because everyone is beyond real….. from the helpers to all roles, to the moderators, to the leaders: everyone has a very very very special gift that is so shown and so massively-energetic.. I’ll never know how to describe how much everyone affects me all the time….. light is here.


Well Rooboo, people definitely look up to you

To further their high praise of you, what three words would you say you live by?


I learn all the time from everyone here.. it truly is my honour…..

Wow, it’s a beautiful question..

I could say: Gratefully-thankful, lovingly-hugged, and mysteriously-deep.


Awww, Rooboo I’d have to agree with those! You definitely seem like someone who lives by those regularly!

Well, this concludes the interview, any final words for the helper’s reading?


Thank u will never be enough for this beautiful opportunity and it’s forever my pleasure.. and in the end I could truly say: if I truly express what’s in my heart; I’ll have infinite years ahead of me, for the heart, mind, and soul are the true age and true life.;)

Remember to keep unleashing the power of helping to be featured as next weeks Face of The Force! That’s all for now helpers!


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