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Zipline, Fly’s Igloo ~ Hey there helpers! Welcome to another edition of The HF Beacon! This edition will contain a special “Notes From Author” section because I wanted to add on some extras with this edition. As well as that, this edition contains the final chapter to the current story. Press continue reading to read more!

Random Facts:

Fly has a book of random facts. Too many, too random.

  • Some cats are actually allergic to humans.
  • Your brain is mostly made of fat.
  • Oranges are not a naturally occurring fruit, however tangerines are.
  • The moon slows down Earth’s rotation.
  • High heeled shoes were originally worn by men.
  • The water you drink has been around since the creation of Earth. (Law of Conservation of Mass)
  • It takes 364 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
  • The slang “omg” was originally used in 1917
  • A blob of toothpaste is called a nurdle


Chapter 3, “!end-seg”

The world moved in slow motion as I stared at Ayan standing in the street smiling back at us. I yelled as loud as I could to tell him to move. He glanced to his left and jumped ahead. The car barely missed him. Elp ran to help him up and hugged him. “God damn Elp, you’re crushing me!” Ayan laughed. “I was worried,” Elp said, relieved. “It’s not a big deal, I’m fine,” Ayan said unfazed. Ayan, I’m in love with you,” Elp said quickly. Kiara and Spotty’s eyes widened as I burst out laughing “HAHAHAHA I saw this coming,” I exclaimed. Ayan stared at Elp, then at the rest of us and back at Elp. Kiara coughed to break the deathly silence. The same car that almost hit Ayan was parked on the other side of the street.:thinking2: Kiara’s phone started ringing. “Kiara, answer,” I said slowly. She accepted the call and set it to speaker. “Guys you have no idea what I just found out,” Kava rushed, “I traced the source of the messages and it lead to Ayan’s phone number.” Ayan replied, thoroughly annoyed, “Well it wasn’t me. Why would I ruin this? Kava calmly replied; “Did I accuse you of anything? I went further into it and found that it was an external device covering themselves as Ayan. I still don’t know their identity.” Elp sighed with relief. Suddenly, I saw the car door open and the driver step out. I couldn’t recognize him, but Ayan and Kiara both looked surprised. “Oh children, did you miss me?” he exclaimed. “No, we really didn’t.” Kiara said in response. “That was a rhetorical question, and did I ever say I care?” he said. “You say you don’t care, but you keep asking questions,” Spotty replied. He slapped Spotty, annoyed. Elp’s face lit with rage and he punched the man with all his strength. He stumbled back, holding his face in pain. “Don’t you dare touch Spotty. Our marriage may have been fake, but at least the love was real,” he said triumphantly. “You mean as friends, right?” Ayan asked, holding Elp’s hand. “Of course.” Elp smiled at him. Kiara slapped Ayan. “Oi, you idiot there’s someone right there who just tried to kill you. You can have a moment with your boyfriend later,” Kiara said while rolling her eyes. The man stood up and smirked while shaking his head. “You kids will really never learn,” he said. “Flen, shut up.” Ayan said, annoyed, “Can’t you see I’m trying to have a moment with my boyfriend?” He rolled his eyes. “Shut down your app already. It’s such a dumb idea.” I scoffed at him and said “What is your problem with it? Why did you have to take all that trouble to hack it?” He paused for a moment, then yelled; “BECAUSE I HATE YOU GUYS! YOUR IDEA IS SO DUMB! IT’S JUST GOING AROUND AND GETTING RANDOM STAMPS FOR FUN! I see no point to it, and an app like that doesn’t deserve to be out in the world.” We all burst out laughing. “You just answered your own question about the point of it. It’s just for fun. That’s what all games are,” Spotty responded. I suddenly saw a police officer walking around behind Flen. “You didn’t really have to break several laws to hack my app. It’s not worth the trouble just to shut down a game made by a teenager,” I said loudly as the police officer heard and turned around. He tapped Flen on the shoulder and asked What’s this about? We all were quiet as Elp explained the situation. Wow that’s quite an adventure,” he said, surprised. He handcuffed Flen and said Alright, you’re under arrest. Don’t fight me or it’ll get worse,” he said. Flen got in the back of his car. “Officer, what’s your name?” Ayan asked. “Just call me Rock,” he replied. Kiara’s phone rang again and she answered immediately. My hearing was a blur as she spoke. Her surprise was amazing; she fixed the app’s code and released it as a public beta. Five hundred people joined just this morning. My hands shook as I pulled out my phone. I created a public segment and customized the location to a dance club across the street. We went inside and saw neon lights flashing with loud dance music playing. I checked the segment and saw that 7 people have already made it here. I looked around, and I saw a group of people that somehow looked familiar. A girl was chanting “GO DIRGO GO!” to annoy her friend named Diego. Another girl was eating a lollipop while holding hands with the other girl. There was a boy walking around wearing a skeleton hoodie, another wearing all orange, and a boy eating a banana. There was one boy mimicking the club penguin dance perfectly. He was the best penguin. I hugged Spotty and Kiara and said “We did it!” as all of us smiled. “Hey, where did Elp and Ayan go?” Spotty asked. We looked around and saw them in a corner. We thought it’d be best not to disturb them.:shooketh: All in all, the day went perfectly. Segment ends.

Riddle of The Week:

Welcome back to our third Riddle of The Week. As usual, I will be listing the people who solved the previous riddle, the answer, and then the new one. If you solve the new riddle, please DM me on discord. (flypin1#0016)

  • An710
  • Sixdrinkamy
  • Silentmoon5
  • Tistle

The only way the prisoner could have escaped was choosing a marble, and somehow hiding it from the king. The king would have to check the remaining marbles to determine the prisoner’s choice and see two black marbles. This inevitably sets the prisoner free, as it is assumed he chose the blue marble. (Most answers said the prisoner swallowed the marble, though Moon suggested the prisoner did the opposite:eyethonk:)

Here is the new riddle for the next couple of weeks: A man is told “If you tell a lie we will hang you; if you tell the truth we will shoot you.” What can he say to save himself? :thinking2:

Notes From Author:

As this edition of HF Beacon contains the last chapter of a story, I wanted to add on a small section of random/funny tidbits. :uwu:

  • Once, I was talking to Spotty and Kiara about what we would do if we ever met in real life. We came up with the idea that we would do things to mimic actions in CPO, specifically the actions for stamps. This later inspired my idea to write a story about real life stamp segments! :huehue:
  • Shad found HF the best “theme song” ever. The song is named “Help!” and it’s by The Beatles. In my opinion, it’s iconic but it hasn’t officially been made the HF theme song. (link to song)
  • My nickname in the HF discord is almost always a typo. It started in a conversation with Kava and she misspelled “Fly” as “Flu.” I made “flupin1” my nickname in HF as a joke. Later, Juanita misspelled “Fly” as “Dry” and I changed it again. I liked the fun of the “JTS” name, so the concept has stuck. :jts:
  • As I proofread the first chapter, I thought “I can imagine Ayan typing this out and adding :Wary: at the end,” or “Elp would totally react to this with :PanDisgust:” I thought it would be funny to add in the emojis through the story wherever it would fit.
  • I have an actual book of random facts. Three, to be specific. I have physical, hardcover, copies of books that have absolutely useless facts in them (waste your money on nitro instead), and that’s where I get the fun facts from. LOL

As always, thank you for reading, next edition in two weeks


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