Inside Out

Hey there Helpers , Introducing to you a NEW SERIES : The INSIDE OUT ! The Posts released in this Series would contain those Deep , Dark Secrets , Strategies of Important people of HF for all of you to read. Laughing my ass out.

NOTE : The Posts in this Series contain PG 13 : Swearing , Indirect References which are Solely intended to be as Jokes and are agreed upon by the Person on which the Post is being made of.
So if you are not of that Age Category , It’s advisable NOT to Scroll Down/ Click Read More !

Spotty and her Lust Strategies

Our First Post is about the Current Main Leader of Help Force – None other than ! Spotty803 !

It’s been noticed by many people of Help Force , and the Public wants an answer on ” WHY DOES SPOTTY KEEP CHANGING HER HUSBANDS ? “

As us, Reporters, It’s indeed our Duty to Dig in the Question , Interview them and Get a Conclusion ! Here we present to you .
P.S : Due to Spotty not being able to control her Desires , We were unable to Interview her , She was into something cough when we tried to interview her.
So we started digging in her Past and tried to relate it all , And this is all we Found !

1. Spotty joined the Community last year [lol grandma] , And it was noticed that her first Attraction was towards the Most Active Troop at that time ! Who…..? Elpiojo123 !
It was then noticed that after their Ship Sailed too far “Spotiojo” , They soon started having many Kids ; one of them being HF’s Current Moderator -> Skeleton Lad and HF’s Past Veteran -> Kiara753.

2. After having the gun shoot the load several times , Spotty decided to leave Elp after she found out Elp was cheating on her [lol no one is innocent]. Not in a matter of time , Her emotions from the bottom of her cough heart , arose. She was attracted to Danger , An Active CPO player at that time. Soon , tho , As it wasn’t that interesting for her , It did not go well.

3. Not even weeks before her breakup with Danger , She moved on with Destroyer. Destroyer was known in the CPO Community as a very active and a Popular Player who had a girl w her. Spotty , by using her Cow Eyes , Attracted Destroyer into loading guns and shooting them [if you do not get the reference , Don’t call yourself mature lol]. And this started Spotroyer , One of the most fancied Ships of HF and obviously as Spotty was one of the members , It couldn’t be less Wild.

4. Again , as History says , This also tore apart. History Repeats itself again , and there has been not much of a time since when the Rumors of Romeo , Pirates’ Ex Leader and Spotty has been flaming up. We may see some kids in HF and Pirates soon , Depends how they would divide them lmao.

In the End , We would like to tell all of you that the only reason that could be of Spotty changing her Husbands now and then still remains Hidden.
What is it that lies behind the curtain…? Is it related to Spotty being a Cow? Do Cows have such Feelings? Or is it something else totally? We will keep you updated! , TIMES UP , SHE WONT LEMME WRITE MORE LOL [WARY] !


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  1. I bet 2 weeks (waits)

  2. 3 Weeks bet lmfao

  3. I bet 2 weeks.

  4. a month 🙂

  5. now we know that didnt last long and the new ship is spottle….

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