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  • Random Facts
  • Story
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Zipline, Fly’s Igloo ~ Hey there Helpers! The HF beacon is back, but it’s going to be taken over by the 1 and only, flypin. I will be publishing a new edition of the HF Beacon every two weeks. Unfortunately, due to school, I wouldn’t have enough time to post every week. I will also be changing Question of The Week to “Riddle of The Week”. Everyone to figure out the answer and DM it to me on discord would be mentioned in the next HF Beacon post. Without further ado, press continue reading and read on!

Random Facts:

Fly has a book of useless facts. Too many, too random.

  • A shrimp’s heart is located on its head.
  • The average person spends six months waiting for a red light to turn green while driving.
  • A bolt of lightning contains enough energy to perfectly toast 100,000 slices of bread.
  • You can hear a blue whale’s heartbeat from 2 :hearteyes:miles:hearteyes: away. (about 3.2 :Wary:kilometers:Wary:)
  • In 1992, a cargo ship accidentally dropped 30,000 rubber ducks in the sea and they’re still being found today.
  • Marie Curie’s notebooks are still radioactive.
  • One in 3 divorce filings contains the word “Facebook”.
  • Humans are not the only animals to have names each other, as dolphins do the same.
  • Superman took down the “KKK”. (he fought an organization based off of KKK in a late 1900’s comic)


Chapter 1, “The Beginning

“Hey Ayan, look!” Spotty exclaimed while holding up a Kitkat. “Don’t eat that. Respect the KitKat, it’s better than you,” Ayan said in response. Kiara slapped him and said: “Don’t disrespect Spotty like that.” :Wary: Elp laughed as Ayan pouted at Kiara like a baby.:Upset: “Okay jokes aside, Fly can you please explain how your app works?” Spotty said. “The app is essentially a game. It gives you challenges based on your location and the difficulty level you select. You receive a “virtual reward” in the app if you complete the task. That’s it. You spend a day going around doing random stuff just for an app stamp,” :uwu: I said. “Fly, that’s just a stamp seg,” Elp said.:PanDisgust: “What do you think my inspiration was?” I said smirking at Elp.:smirk1: “That’s actually a genius idea!” Kiara replied. “No, it’s unoriginal…” Ayan said looking at me warily. :Wary: Kiara slapped him again. “Oi, no whining.” She said firmly. Spotty, Elp, and I burst out in a fit of laughter. “Kiara… remind me again why you’re even here,” Ayan said irritatedly. “Because your parents won’t let you travel to another country alone.” She said, shaking her head. “Stop fighting, it’s traumatic for a child to see their parents fight.:sadface: Let’s start this “segment”. We only have one day to go around London for it.” We left the apartment (“flat”, according to Spotty:Wary:) and started walking around. “If you guys want to download the app, I added it under a locked page on the HF site. Go to and use the passcode: betatestlondon.” I said. Spotty whipped out her phone and downloaded the app.:mmPhoneMocha: We linked our segments and started it. Our location loaded into the app and we were given a location for our first task. *Nike store London*:saxophone: it read. Kiara looked over at Spotty’s phone and asked “is the app broken? It’s showing a shoe store…”:shook~1: “Let’s go there and then see,” I said. Ayan jumped into telling bad jokes as we began walking. “I hate Russian dolls:huehue:,” he said. “Why?”:PanDisgust: Elp asked. “They’re so full of themselves.” Spotty and I laughed as Kiara slapped Ayan. “Kiara! Stop bullying Ayan,” Elp said, “give others a chance!” He mimicked slapping Ayan as he pouted again.:Upset: Suddenly, the phones buzzed.:mmaPingMocha: A message appeared in the chat on my app. “Guys, look,” Spotty said, her smile disappearing. She held up the message to Elp and Ayan as I showed Kiara. “Shut down the app or you’ll face consequences.”:mmExclamationMilk: My mind started racing with questions. How could this have happened? Why is someone sending this message? Who the hell has hacked my app?:thinking2:

Look out for the next chapter of this story in the next edition of the HF beacon!

Riddle of the week:

To answer this riddle, please DM flypin1#0015 on discord.

In the year 2000, a 40-year-old doctor told his son that when he was a little boy, he decided to be a doctor by seeing a website about performing a heart transplant on a puppy with a defective heart so the puppy would live a normal life. I then thought that I would be a doctor so that I could help people in a similar way. What is the defect in this story?

That’s it for now! Check back in two weeks for the next edition of The HF Beacon. 



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  1. Wowwwwwwwww..!! I’m speechless to express how CREATIVE this is..!! To put random facts that simply showered me up with with shocking and happy info is so special..!! And wowwww this story is going to strike this planet..!! It’s so symbolic and well-made..!! So fun to read and it’s so similar to the beginning REALLY..!! And it’s so fun and simple to put the riddle even.. in so happy seeing and having this beautiful chance to read this..!! It’s so cheerful to my heart.!.!☺️😍🌈❤️💚💛💜💙🧡

  2. I am glad that you are my successor. You have made me proud. Continue the tradition and make it great!

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