Get to know the Help Force staff: AriaXenn

Hey everyone, it’s Solar here! How’s life going? Just not too long ago, I interviewed one of the newer members of the Help Force staff, AriaXenn, and this post will be all about it.

AriaXenn(Aria)’s been a Help Force mod for about a month now, but hasn’t participated in a lot of casual conversations, so you guys may not know her very well. Hopefully you’ll learn a lot more about her by reading this!

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the main topic!

***A few grammatical errors were fixed, but otherwise, everything below is true to the source.

Solar: Hey Aria, would you be interested in an interview for the Help Force website?

Aria: Uh sure

Solar: First of all, what do you enjoy doing on CPO the most?

Aria: I enjoy meeting new people and checking all places in CPO while I have the time to get on.

Solar: What’s your favourite tactic to use in Help Force events?

Aria: Well… I have tons of favourite tactics but the one I always use (Well sometimes) is the lucky clover emoji. Since for me, that clover means a lot and can really change the outcome in some certain situations.

Solar: Nice. So how does it feel to be a mod in Help Force?

Aria: Well to be a moderator in HF feels like a job and responsibility for me. Sometimes something like being mod is nothing that comes true in one night.

Solar: I see, thank you. Moving away from HF and CPO-related topics: what’s your favourite colour, and why? (colour has any symbolic/important meanings to you, or does it give you certain feelings, etc.)

Aria: My favourite colour is black. It’s a colour I prefer to wear at any cost. Just makes me feel like myself.

Solar: Cool. What are your favourite hobbies?

Aria: My favourite hobbies are reading books (especially novels) and listening to music.

Solar: Any books or music that you would like to recommend to HF members? 😛

Aria: I recommend Code Name Verify by Elizabeth E. Wein. It’s a pretty good novel for those who are interested in what happened in the times of WW2 and other events. Music well I have some good and sometimes weird tastes but I don’t recommend anything. Our tastes are different so it varies for what you like or not.

Solar: It’s nice to see more people who are interested in historical events and that book seems to have some good educational value. Only a few questions left now! So what’s your favourite animal, and why? Would you become your favourite animal if you had the chance?

Aria: My favourite animal is the cat. Why? Cats have been in my arms all times of the year and they are like my kids in certain points. If I had the chance to become a cat I’ll certainly take that chance.

Solar: That’s really sweet. :’) Any quotes you draw life inspiration from?

Aria: Well the quote that always draws inspiration for me is from a song called TalkTalk by A Perfect Circle. Goes like this: “Walk the talk.” Really draws inspiration for me since it is something that I always want to see. It’s like the “Actions speak louder than words” quote.

Solar: Simple, but effective in getting the point across. So, finally: anything you’d like to say to HF members?

Aria: Well I would love to say to my lovely members that no matter what happens, stay firm and loyal to Help Force.

Solar: And that’s a wrap! Thank you very much for your time, and have a great day!

Aria: Same to you.

There you have it, guys! Aria may be a relatively new mod, but she isn’t any less hardworking and dutiful than any other member of the Help Force staff team. If you meet her in the Help Force server, don’t forget to say hi! It’s always nice to have others acknowledge you. Also, try your very best to cooperate with her and the other mods so that events and segments can run more smoothly.

Until next time! Stay tuned for new posts on the Help Force website.


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