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The Winter Treaty

Hey there Helpers , There are a Few Important things you need to know about the Situation between Help Force and MAC right now :

MAC ( The Modern Alliance of CPO ) had their Capital server as Flurry which apparently is the Second Most Populous server , Be it for Recruiting or any other events.

The Help Force and the MAC Invaded Whiteout for Possession , So whoever had won , would have had the Server as theirs.

As the Help Force won , There was a Treaty imposed on MAC , Here it goes :


The Winter Treaty was accepted after 3 Edits and Revisions , It states three things :

  1. None of the Armies involved can Invade each other until March 31st 2019.
  2. The Help Force gives Whiteout to the MAC.
  3. The MAC hands over Flurry to the Help Force.

Hereby , It is Officially declared that the Capital of the Help Force will be shifted from >>Zipline to Flurry<<

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