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Help Force VS MAC – Information

Hey there helpers,

Today, the Help Force will battle MAC. I’m here with the details, live on the battlefield.

MAC (Modern Alliance) is an alliance between Fashion Army and Aliens. At 11:15 AM EST, the battle will begin in the stadium. The way the battles work is this: Both sides show up in 3 different rooms, 1 at a time, each lasting for 10 minutes. They each do their the tactics told by their leaders. Which side has the biggest size, Considerable Tactics , Good Formations wins that room. Whoever wins more rooms, wins. Our army is very confident in ourselves. First of all, we have more members that attend events. Together MAC can only max 15 during events. We can max at least 40. Secondly, we are a lot more trained. Fashion army focuses on fashion. While we focus on helping, we also focus on tactics, which is a vital part in winning battles. I’ll have more when the battle starts.

It is currently 7:07 AM EST. We are in the making of a surprise attack on the Aliens. While the aliens are having practice, we will raid them and weaken their forces. We are all going to secretly log in. That means not wearing our uniforms. So, we are spying on them undercover before practice starts. Once it starts, we attack. They started catching on to us. But we assured them we weren’t Help Force. Then, we ran around saying LOL RAIDED! There’s only 3 of them. We then lined up and did E+6. We then said ’tis just a trailer kiddos. We then surrounded the 2 remaining troops and said LOL ALIENS. Followed by E+T which is fart. Then, GOT SCARED HUH? That was all for the pre-raid. Now, we wait for 3 hours and 30 minutes for the real battle.

Here, some comments by Help Force members:

Elpiojo: Complete disaster. For aliens that is!

Spotty: All I’ll say is Good luck to MAC cause they’re gonna need it!


PandaBelly: MAC better hide, and fast!

Help Force is currently arriving. However, we are seeing MAC troops as well. Only 6 of them! What a joke! Their number has decreased to 4. Now up to 8. Battle has begun! We first spammed jokes and now saying Too small! That is true! They said we are small but strong. What jokes. Then, we did Strong with 10 troops? Then we did E+9 which is our battle faces. Now, we are forming an X. We then typed LOSING. They responded with WINNING!
We are now going to attack the iceberg. First up, J BOMB. Now, make a Plus. Now we said Help Force is winning! We are faster than them. They said we are too slow. We said No way, Faster than you! We now are Circling the iceberg. MAC is trying to make an X in the middle but they are too small to do so. We said Too sad MAC! They stuck their tongues out. We did E+5. We then did E+1 and E+2 to show that we are laughing. They said we are the future. We said Being small is your power? They then formed and L to say we are the losers.
We are now J bombing the beach. It appears MAC is copying our tactic. We are forming an L. MAC has fled to town. We are chasing them doing J bombs. We are now Circling the town. We then called them a joke. We then said Fashionably late huh? We yelled White Out is ours! We are now breaking their circle. We are now going to make an X in Snow Forts. We are now saying LOL.  They said what happened to your tactics? We said WHAT A JOKE? They said HF is the joke here. They then said READY TO LOSE WHITE OUT? They think they stand a chance against us! They’re making me laugh.
We are now at Ski Hill Circling it. We asked if they are following us. They said let’s show our true power. We said
By Being small? UNLEASH THE POWER OF HELPING! They replied we are small but strong!
We are now J bombing Forest. This is the last room. We are now making an = sign. We said Being a joke is all you can do! They tried to say we don’t know what a joke is. They are the definition of a joke! We then said WE WON! MAC GROW UP! They said YOU WISH YOU WON! They replied with goodbye.
It was a great battle. Great victory for Help Force.

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