Down With The Commanders

Snowy, Rooboo, and Maya are the brilliant leaders and teachers of the army, the great strategists of tournaments, military commanders, and guides of the Help Force. Despite having these qualities that every leader strives for, they are not fit to be commanders. Although these individuals may seem innocent at first, they are hiding dark secrets which will now be exposed to the world. Note, this post is entirely satirical please don’t kill me blame Scorp uwu.

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A Tragic Ending

Several allegations have been made against certain Ice Warriors leaders that resemble weak influence in the whole community. Whether or not the allegations are being investigated and what’s true or not, the Help Force Commanders have decided to end the allyship with IW for the safety of the army.

We are deeply disappointed in the ending of this relation as both armies have had their moments together throughout the years. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes, and with mistakes come consequences to be faced. We can only hope that the parties involved will take to mind these consequences. We are once again saddened to make this decision, as there is no alternative pathway. The Help Force stands against disreputable actions, which have been revealed.

The HF Nations Post has been updated by removing Ice Warriors from the Allies Section.

The Help Force Commanders