Hello helpers and hatters! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for this fantastic event!
We did some stunning tactics and formations across Town and Snow Forts lead by Joe, and Mayathefirst. followed by a fun game of hide and seek afterwards. Thank you all for attending!

MAX: 40+

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[AUSIA] The Greatest Primal

Hey hey! Today we finally enjoyed an event that we’ve been ready for since millions of years. We logged on to the server Ascent for the Great Primal Event!

As we logged in, we warped back in time to prehistoric times, donning some tribal chieftain and caveguin outfits. After some time spent in the Town, we moved to the docks, saw an asteroid, and formed a comet cult to worship it. Unfortunately, our camera malfunctioned and only some parts of it had traveled back into the past. Hence, in our event pics, you can see the prehistoric versions of troops but the rest of the room looks just the same. During the event, some caveguins got jealous and started squabbling over who’s igloo was the best. And so we had an igloo contest!

We also performed some advanced tactics and formations to impress the stone age penguins. Unfortunately, we missed the size goal by 2 penguins. Thank you for attending the event, a huge thanks for leading, Ayan, and hope you had fun at the Igloo Contest!

MAX: 56+

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Hey Helpers! today we landed on Club Penguin Rewritten for this super fun u-lead event, we had a blast going across Town, Nightclub, Iceberg, and Stadium performing some stellar tactics!  Thank you Wynn and HF Troops for leading, and thank you all for attending!

MAX: 34+

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