[EU] Parrot Event

Hey there Helpers! Today we logged on CPR – Marshmallow for a fun Parrot event.

The event today went very well. It went so well in fact, that Mr. Toastle informed us that going forward, promotions for EU events would be 25+! Let’s keep it up and keep maxing higher. Great job Helpers! Read on to see some great event photos and comment for a promotion if you were there.

Max: 25+


Boredom Bulletin

Hey Helpers! In light of recent events, I’m starting a limited time blog series for more entertainment to cure everyone’s boredom!

Table of contents:

  • Intro
  • Staying Safe
  • Polls
  • Pickups and Puns
  • Stuff Nobody Likes
  • Meme Contest


CP Oasis, Fly’s Igloo ~ Well of course, most of us are isolated and alone at home right now. Fortunately, I’m here to save us all from boredom! Here’s a new series full of random stuff that I came up with to keep everyone entertained. The staying safe section will be consistent through every article. It’s a short guide of tips for illness prevention. Polls may or may not be themed depending on what I feel like doing in each post! Pickups and Puns is a fun section for pickup lines, puns, and jokes that I’ve heard. “Stuff Nobody Likes” is a place to discover who else watches an unpopular show or listens to a growing artist. I hope it will bring people together and encourage more of you all to connect with each other! Meme Contest is self explanatory. I’ll attach an image and you guys can caption and send it to me. Sorry for the long intro but without further ado, here is the post!


The Help Force De-Lice-ious Awards

On Sunday, the 15th of March, The Help Force announced an awards ceremony for all of our awesome members…… hosted by our resident Lice, ElPiojo.

This is the medal that was be given out to all the winners. [Credits to Crystal for design!]

Without further ado, here are the categories which were put up and their winner:


[US] Green Takeover Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a Green penguin St. Patrick’s Day event!

We started in Blizzard town, but the large login queue prompted us to log on to Marshmallow instead. The event was very short, but was overall very fun! Make sure to comment if you came for a promo!

Max: 33+


[EU] Operation: Refine

Howdy Helpers!

This Tuesday, Help Force logged in to CPR Blizzard for a special Operation, Operation: Refine! This event was lead by General Hannah who had to contend with many interruptions, including a mascot visit and an extensive log on queue. Despite these obstacles, this event was a success! The EU division comfortably succeeded in maxing sufficient numbers for promos saw tactics displayed of the highest order!

MAX 25+


[EU] Branch Battle

Hot Sauce vs Yellow Chilis

Room 1: Cove – Yellow Chilis woke with a bang and began the room with a strong bomb and formation. Despite Hot Sauce having better emoji tactics, Yellow Chilis’ words were strong, and scraped a victory on the first room.

Room 2: Ski Village – Both teams entered similarly, but with Hot Sauce having a more inventive tactic and covering a lot of Hot Sauce’s tactics, they had a slight edge. Hot Sauce again had good emojis but their word tactics weren’t superior, giving Yellow Chilis a 2-0 lead.

Room 3: Migrator – Another good entrance and better tactics displayed on the whole. Hot Sauce win the room with better Emojis again but with Yellow Chilis’ poor formation, this was easier to call. Hot Sauce stay in the tie by winning this room.

Room 4: Coffee Shop – Hot Sauce were by far the quicker team into the fourth room. However they were soon swarmed by the Yellow Chilis who had 5 penguins more than them at stages in this room. Their L formation was very strong and had good word tactics again to win the battle with a room remaining.

Room 5: Boiler Room – This room was equal in almost every judged aspect. Yellow Chilis had a more advanced formation but Hot Sauce had a strong bomb in this room too. It was too close to call and was awarded a draw for the final room.

MAX: 27+