Howdy Helpers…Well well well wasn’t this such an awesome event!
We all logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten – Zipline where everyone was so excited for this day followed by a Trivia Game. The event was lead by Ayan where we waddle around to different rooms around the Island. The Trivia had 3 rounds which were related to:

        • Club Penguin
        • Help Force
        • Miscellaneous questions followed by bonus rounds. 

The Trivia was conducted by all the staff where the competitiveness just leads to a lot of fun and laughter. Noticing this being one of the wonderful instances of how the troops bond with each other making it cherishable 💖

And OF COURSEE.. It ended with everyone screaming their names out of CPR screens so have a glance at it below! 

MAX: 66+

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[US] Operation: Kite Runners

Hi Helpers! today we waddled onto Club Penguin Rewritten for this super fun event! we executed some amazing tactics and formations lead by Ayan, and Joe. We also played a fun game of find the room afterwards, Thank you all for attending!

MAX: 32+

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Jellyfish’s Stinky Poll

Hey Stinkies! It’s finally here! The best poll known to humankind! This series, coming to you once a month or when I feel like being mean, is dedicated to asking HF’s Staff, Junior Staff and practically anyone the weirdest stinkiest questions! Our participants, taken from a pool of 20 people, have been asked the weirdest questions for the best poll ever.

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Greetings Friends and Troops! Today we logged onto CPR – Ascent for a very amazing yet fun Battle with Ice Warriors! Led by AyanBarnito, Nelly, and Joe, we had great practice at the IceBerg, Stadium, and Docks! Thank you all for attending and till many more creative and different events and battles yet to come!

Max: 43+

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Lydia’s Dairy Diary

Salut et bienvenue to the best series on the Help Force website. It is my honour to be able to come and write about my extraordinary life (finally). This series is a joke, if you couldn’t tell, and not supposed to be a fully serious article. In simple terms, I have nothing better to do with my life!

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Greetings Fam!! Today, we all gathered on Club Penguin Rewritten for a fabulous event i.e. [AUSIA] OPERATION: BE THE LEADER.
This event was specifically lead by the Troops themselves motivated by Ayan, Barnito, and Nell. Moreover, all the helpers were very excited and enthusiastic to support their friends! Everyone did superb tactics and formations as we waddled around Town, Iceberg, Stadium, and Docks.

Have a glance at it below and make sure to join our next event for more fun! 💙

MAX: 48+

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[US] Operation: Pepperoni

Hi Helpers! Today we waddled onto Club Penguin Rewritten for this super fun pizza event! we did some amazing tactics and formations lead by Ayan, Barnito, Joe, and Maya. And afterwards we did a fun Pizzatron 3000 contest! 

MAX: 40+

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GoTW #128

After an exciting and busy week, it’s my pleasure to congratulate AbsoluteTrash123 for his commitment and hard work! He won his first Gamer of The Week award and did a speedrun through promotions! Also, he started liking the idea of leading and hosting fun events too. AbsoluteTrash123 brought us our first Bonk.io game and participated in our U-Lead event! Way to go, mate! 😀

GoTW #127

Congratulations to Syd for winning her first Gamer of The Week title! Not active only in chat, Syd participated in every activity of the week. Also, she proved many times that she can handle recruiting very well! Fantastic job, Syd! You really deserve it! 😀 Good luck next!

CPA Today

Hey Helpers, welcome to CPA Today! CPA Today, brings you news from all across the CPA Community, with the latest ongoings in all the armies!

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