HF Stalwarts Inductions – 2019

The Voting Procedure for Stalwarts has been completed and thus has been **CLOSED**

Spotty803 [ 16 Yes , 1 No ] [ Status : Elected ]
Elpiojo123 [ 15 Yes , 1 No ] [ Status : Elected ]

Many of you wouldn’t know what does a “Stalwart” Mean. We are currently into Expanding the Help Force Hall of Fame , and it is being worked upon.
A Stalwart is a Rank of the Hall of the Fame which depicts a Person who has been a Pillar to the Community / The Army Itself.

  • Standing with the Army in it’s Good or Bad times.
  • Being with the Army for a Suffice amount of time [ More than 4 Months ]
  • Lead / Co-Lead the Army and Contributed in the Decision Making.
  • Helped a particular sector of the Army to grow , Or Handled the Army by themselves without any other support for a Period of time.

These are just some traits describing a Stalwart of an Army. Not so many people get it , People do try to reach up to become a “Famous” Person in an Army but forget what the Army Needs and what the Want of the Current is.

Presenting before you , The First Ever Stalwart Inductions of The Help Force !

The Help Force Follows a Democratic way to Elect the Stalwarts of the Army :

Rules of the voting are given here :

  1. Comment with the name of the Nominee you are Voting for with the Name of the Candidate – [ YES / NO ] . “Yes” means that you agree with him being elected as a Stalwart and “No” means the Vice-Versa.
  2. You can only Comment once. If we find more than one comment from the same person, your vote will be cancelled and comment will be deleted.
  3. You shall follow the format given below for commenting. Failing to follow the format will result in cancellation of your vote and removal of your comment.
  4. All votes will be private on this page. This means no one except the administrators and editors on the site will be able to view the votes.
  5. For Winning , the Candidate needs to have the Total number of “YES” more than 2/3RD of the Total Votes the Candidate Gets.
  6. Do not vote because you are friends with that Person, this is an Important Procedure for the Army , Read the Descriptions and only vote for those whom you think have really Contributed.
  7. You must vote within the given time frame. Voting for this session will end on: *6TH JUNE 2019*. If you vote after the time frame given, your vote be cancelled and comments will be deleted.
  8. If, by any chance, the entitled Stalwart creates problems in proper functioning of Help Force, He/She can be removed from his/her hon’ble position. This can be done by a secret voting and the motion must secure 2/3rd Majority of those present for voting.
  9. After voting session ends, this page will be refreshed and all comments will be deleted.

Nominees :

  1. Spotty803 [ Elizabeth ] – Spotty has been a Veteran of the Army , Joining HF back in May when she was also promoted to a Help Force Moderator , but due to some Personal Issues , had a Break from her CPO Career. She joined back in December and soon ranked up to A Leader , Helping in each and every sector , Planning , Handling Events , Moderators and the Administration of the Help Force.
  2. Elpiojo123 [ Muchwatts ] – Elpiojo is also one of the Top Contenders for the Stalwart Rank in the HF Hall of Fame. The Start of the Hispanic community in HF was initiated by him. He has been handling Events , Tournaments , Moderation and Administration since March and has been a part of HF since Early January.

Commenting Format [ Make sure to Vote exactly in this Format ] :

Discord Name [ Tag is Optional ]
The Candidate(s) you wish to Vote for – YES/NO


20 Responses

  1. Destroyer of worlds
    Spotty803 – Yes

  2. Discord Name: jason6331
    Spotty803 – Yes
    Elpiojo123 – Yes

  3. Raga#0518
    Spotty803 [ Elizabeth ] – Yes
    Elpiojo123 [ Muchwatts ] – Yes

  4. Coffee (kleb2)
    Elpiojo123 Yes

  5. Retxro
    Elpiojo123 [ Muchwatts ]- Yes

  6. sixdrinkamy#1989
    Elpiojo123 – YES

  7. Mohamed3999
    Spotty : Yes
    Elpiojo : No

  8. Spotty803(Elizabeth) – Yes

    Elpijojo123(Muchwatts) – Yes

    – Bestpenguin

  9. Kiara
    Elpiojo- Yes
    Spotty – Yes

  10. Diego4204
    Elpiojo – yes
    Spotty – no

  11. Discord name: Trainer Penguayse#5571 Spotty: Yes Elpiojio: Yes

  12. Lisa
    Spotty – Yes

  13. BananaBxr
    Elpiojo – Yes
    Spotty – Yes

  14. spotty-yes

  15. Lottie_Grace
    Spotty803 – Yes
    Elpiojo123 – Yes

  16. Juanita
    Elpiojo- Yes
    Spotty- Yes

  17. Auronplay (DEYVIDTANK)
    Elpiojo- Yes
    Spotty – Yes

  18. Tatoklk
    Elpiojo – Yes
    Spotty – Yes

  19. bird#2480

    Spotty803 – Yes
    Elpiojo123 – Yes

  20. Spotty – Yes

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