Welcome to Legends Nomination Page

The Help Force Army follows a democratic criteria to elect the Legends of the army. The voting for legends is current: *CLOSED*

The Nominees’ for this session are given below. You are requested to comment down below who you think should be nominee.

Rules of voting are as followed:

  1. You can only Comment once. If we find more than once commenting, your vote will be cancelled and comment will be deleted.
  2. You can vote maximum of THREE nominees’. This means you can either vote to fill one, two or all three positions. If you vote for more than three, your vote will be cancelled and comment will be deleted.
  3. You shall follow the format given below for commenting. Failing to follow the format will result in cancellation of your vote and removal of your comment.
  4. All votes will be private on this page. This means no one except the administrators and editors on the site will be able to view the votes.
  5. Do not vote because you are friends with that Person, this is an Important Procedure for the Army , Read the Descriptions and only vote for those whom you think have really Contributed.
  6. If, by any chance, more than three nominees are selected or there is a tie between any of the listed nominees, a secret voting will be held on the said deadline.
  7. You must vote within the given time frame. Voting for this session will end on: **. If you vote after the time frame given, your vote be cancelled and comment will be deleted.
  8. Once selected, a legend will be taken to Oath by Senior Most Leading Officer (Longest Leader) and the legend must accept the oath to officially be recognised as a legend.
  9. If, by any chance, the entitled legend creates problems in proper functioning of Help Force, He/She can be removed from his/her hon’ble position. This can be done by a secret voting and the motion must secure 2/3rd Majority of those present for voting.
  10. After voting session ends, this page will be refreshed and all comments will be deleted.


Here are the Nominees for this session:

*Voting Session for 2019 batch will open on 1st April 2019*


Commenting Format:

Name of Discord (With your # tag):

Current rank on Discord:

Nominee 1:

Nominee 2:

Nominee 3: