Hey Helpers! Today the US division logged onto CPR for a Pizza Takeover. This event included the rooms Town, Pizza Parlor, and Stadium led by Kendall, Joe, and Chickn. Many pizza related tactics were used throughout all the rooms, as well as a variety of emotes.

Max: 32+

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[AUSIA] Stamp Missions

Heyooo Helpers!!

Today we logged into CPREWRITTEN for an amazing stamp mission! We did some fun tactics and formations in rooms such as the Snowforts, Stadium, nightclub, and pizza parlor! This event was led by our amazing AUSIA general Marsh!

MAX 55+

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Faces of the Force – Skyler

Hello Helpers! Welcome back to Faces of the Force!! If you’re new and don’t know what FoTF is, every week I interview an active troop of the Help Force and then write a post about them! Every active member of the Force has a good chance of being a FoTF!! This week, however, this post is being written by Marsh on girl mod!! Hope you all are excited for this week’s FoTF!!! Present to you, this week’s FoTF!! Skyler!!!

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[EU] Stamp Adventure

Hola Helpers! Today we logged on to CPR for a Stamp Adventure!! We did some great tactics and formations and got stamps in the Stadium, Snow forts, Night Club, Iceberg, Lighthouse and Pizza Parlour! This event was lead by Riley! Incredible Job Helpers!


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[AUSIA] Blue Soccer Jersey Takeover

Heyooo Helpers!!

Today we logged in for an amazing Blue Soccer jersey takeover! this was an awesome event where we went onto CPRewritten and did some fun formations and soccer tactics at the town, forts, and the stadium!! We were led by three of our amazing AUSIA mods:

Jayden, Kara/Riley and Marsh! thanks for a super fun event Helpers!

MAX 38+

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November 2020 Penguin Style – Secrets!

Heyo Helpers!!

Today I will be showing you where to find all the new secrets in the October 2020 Penguin Style Catalog!

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged on to Clubpenguin Rewritten for this fun stamp collecting event! We did some great tactics and formations and got stamps in the Stadium, Snowfort, Pool, Pizza Parlor, Coffee Shop and Night Club! This event was lead by Joe, Rooboo and Maya! Great job today Helpers!

Max: 45+

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[EU] Sledding Rush Hour

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on to CPR for this amazing event lead by RooBoo, Monika, and Janez! During the event we did lots of great formations and tactics! the rooms were Forest, Ski Village, and Docks! Great job today helpers!

MAX 39+

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Halloween Theme Week

What’s poppin helpers? Over the past two weeks we have seen an incredible struggle between two terrifying species of monsters, werewolves and vampires!!! This week long fight all took place during HF’s 5th Theme Week!!! Where helpers and staff all choose either Team Werewolves or Team Vampires to fight for. However, only one of these teams were victorious.

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Hey Helpers! today we logged on to CPR for this fun event lead by Joe, RooBoo, Ru, Kara\Riley, Holly, and Nelly! we got tons of stamps and did lot’s of igloo raids! Great job today helpers!

MAX 49 +

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