[INT] Operation: Nobility

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Help Force Island for Operation: Nobility lead by Nelly, Riley, Stemv, Rooboo and Monika!
This event was really fun, with a range of different tactics and formations at Outside Mine, Mall, Fire Dojo, Gift Shop, Town and Docks! Awesome job guys!

Max: 34+

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Beep Beep Takeover! The rooms included in this event were Town, Snow Forts, and Stadium led by Kendall, Taylor, and Riley. This event had many inspired tactics, wonderful formations, and a variety of bombs.

Max: 27+

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[EU] Horse Takeover

Hello people! Today, our EU division logged on Club Penguin Rewritten for a great Horse Takeover event led by Nelly, Monika and Rooboo! We did some amazing formations and funny horse-related tactics at Town, Stadium and the Snow forts! Thank you all for attending and for taking such amazing pictures! Great job, Helpers!


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[AUSIA] Cow Takeover

Hola Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for our Cow Takeover! This event included the rooms Town, Snow Forts and Stadium lead by Riley and Barney! We did amazing formations and cow related tactics and a variety of bombs as well!

Max: 28+

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Faces of the Force – FooFee112

Hola Helpers! Welcome back to Faces of the Force! If you’re new and don’t know what FoTF is. Every week I interview an active troop of the Help Force and then write a post about them! Every active member of the force has a good chance of being a FoTF!! I’m so honoured to present you this week’s Face of the Force…. Foofee112!

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HF Insight: Week of Surprises

Hey there! Welcome to the HF Insight, or HFI for short!

The HF Insight will be about the previous Sunday along with the following Week. (i.e. Sunday-Saturday) 

Table of Contents

    • What’s Happening?
    • Week in Short
    • Interviews
    • Army Statistics for the Week
    • HF Insight Insider Info

What’s Happening?

Welcome to What’s Happening? Here, we will go through all the latest server updates for the week! Of course, we can’t forget the casual HF Gossip! Let’s find out What’s Happening!

This week we got a surprise from our commander Barnito! Help Force Applications!! Helpers have a variety of options to apply for! Moderator, Tracker, Blogger hope to see some of you apply for this job:heh: and Designer! Good luck to everyone who is applying! And remember everyone has a chance! WHOOP WHOOP! If you haven’t applied yet, don’t worry! You have time until tomorrow!

There’s also a Party happening soon in Help Force Island so please keep an eye on the HF Island Updates that Jayden and Janez are going to make!

Week In Short

Sunday, 6th September 2020

Today was our Break Day! We had various Segment sessions to make HF grow and we enjoyed our free time! We also got to compete at a Find Four tournament hosted by Joe! It was really fun! Congrats to the winners! WHOOP WHOOP

Monday, 7th September 2020

On your mark, get set gooooo HELP FORCE! On Monday we had our [US] Referee Takeover on HF Island. Led by Kendall, Taylor and Riley! The US division maxed 20+.

Tueday, 8th September 2020

Today we had we had events from the remaining time zones… AUSIA and EU! The first one logged on for our Blue Mermaid Takeover! Led by Barnito, known as Mr. Commander, and Riley! AUSIA maxed 48+! On the other side the EU division logged on for their Decaf Coffee Takeover. The leaders were Monika, Rooboo and Hannah! We can’t espresso how hot the tactics were!

Wednesday, 8th September 2020

Wednesday was different because we didn’t have a takeover but an Operation!! We logged on CPArmies and our AUSIA division maxed 36+ Helpers! Click here to read the post

Thursday, 9th September 2020

This day we had another Operation but this one was different because it was a preparation for our Practice Battle on Friday… The [EU] Operation: Battle Preparation was led by Barnell (we are still waiting for that wedding guys..) and we maxed 33+ Helpers!

Friday, 10th September 2020

THE DAY CAME!  In the morning of AUSIA we prepared ourselves with segments… Our [EU] Practice Battle vs IW took place on CPArmies and was led by our two leaders!! It was really fun and we maxed 45+! WHOOP WHOOP! Next time make sure you max for promos people 

Saturday, 11th September 2020

Another Break Day! Saturday included a lot of segments, that included a Recruitment Segment for the AUSIA division hosted by Riley/Kara and a Stamp Segment for the EU division hosted by Rooboo and Chickn!

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[EU] Practice Battle with IW

Heyo Helpers!
Today we logged into CPArmies for another practice battle against Ice Warriors. The Practice battle was on the Alsaka server within the rooms, Inside Mine, Iceberg & Docks. The Battle was led by our leaders Barnito and Hannah with a result of 3-0 win for the Ice Warriors.

Awesome work today helpers!!


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August 2020 Penguin Style – Secrets!

Heyo Helpers!!

today I will be showing you where to find all the new secrets in the august 2020 penguin style catalog!!

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How Would You Help

Welcome to “How Would You Help?” A series brought to you by your favorite writer, Jayden! This series takes you on a drive through the eyes of the Staff team and what they would do in a sticky situation. Be it Discord, HFIsland, or CPRewritten recruiting, with the help of our amazing helpers, we will ask 3 staff members at a time, on how would they help resolve a situation! Feel free to reply with how you would help in the comment section below for a chance to be featured in the next post!

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[EU] Operation: Battle Preparation

Hello, everyone! Today, our Helpers logged on Club Penguin Armies for a great Battle Preparation event where we were quick to do new formations and tactics. We used various rooms, such as Inside Mine, Iceberg, Docks and the Stadium. This training was led by Barnito and Nelly and we thank all of you for attending! Nice job, Helpers!


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