[EU] Branch Battle

Hot Sauce vs Yellow Chilis

Room 1: Cove – Yellow Chilis woke with a bang and began the room with a strong bomb and formation. Despite Hot Sauce having better emoji tactics, Yellow Chilis’ words were strong, and scraped a victory on the first room.

Room 2: Ski Village – Both teams entered similarly, but with Hot Sauce having a more inventive tactic and covering a lot of Hot Sauce’s tactics, they had a slight edge. Hot Sauce again had good emojis but their word tactics weren’t superior, giving Yellow Chilis a 2-0 lead.

Room 3: Migrator – Another good entrance and better tactics displayed on the whole. Hot Sauce win the room with better Emojis again but with Yellow Chilis’ poor formation, this was easier to call. Hot Sauce stay in the tie by winning this room.

Room 4: Coffee Shop – Hot Sauce were by far the quicker team into the fourth room. However they were soon swarmed by the Yellow Chilis who had 5 penguins more than them at stages in this room. Their L formation was very strong and had good word tactics again to win the battle with a room remaining.

Room 5: Boiler Room – This room was equal in almost every judged aspect. Yellow Chilis had a more advanced formation but Hot Sauce had a strong bomb in this room too. It was too close to call and was awarded a draw for the final room.

MAX: 27+


[EU] Help Force Trivia

Hey there Helpers! On Monday, We logged onto CP Oasis for the Trivia Fun event!

The trivia consisted of 3 rounds – Help Force, Club Penguin and General Knowledge! The event was hosted by Juanita. The winner of the trivia was our trivia champion Tistle! In 2nd place we had Dlark and in 3rd we had Hannah and Destroyer! Here are a few images from the event:

MAX: 11



Inside Out

Hey there Helpers! It’s time to get back inside the secrets of The Help Force. In this post, I’ll be bringing you news from deep within HF’s Staff.

Disclaimer: This post is rated PG – 13 due to swearing, sexual references, and adult humor used in the jokes. If you are not of that age category or maturity level, I would advise you to refrain from reading this post.