[EU] Bubblegum Bonanza

Hey Helpers! Today the EU Division logged onto CPR for an event led by Generals Nelly & Janez. The rooms were The Town and Snow Forts. The event consisted of tons of tactics, formations and bombs performed beautifully. Good Job Helpers!

MAX: 42+

Make sure you comment below for promotions!

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Rake Takeover Event! The rooms we did were Town, Inside Mine, and Casa Fiesta; led by Kendall, Monika, and Komal. We did many rake inspired tactics, fabulous bombs, and formations.

MAX: 35+

Make sure you comment below for a promotion!

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[EU] Stamp Heist

Hey Helpers! Today the EU Division logged onto CPR for a Huge Stamp Heist led by Nell. The Heist included many different stamps and was followed by an Igloo Raid which brought in tons of new Helpers. Good Job Guys!

MAX: 37+

Make sure you comment below for points!

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[AUSIA] Boombox Takeover

Hey Helpers! We had an incredible event today. We logged onto Blizzard on CP Rewritten and danced to the boombox beats! We did formations and amazing tactics as well! Good Job Helpers!

Max: 58+

Make sure you comment below for double Promotions!

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Unscheduled AUSIA Operation

Hello Helpers! Today we logged on to the brand new cpps for an unscheduled AUSIA operation! The event went very well with various tactics and formations led by Barney and Tistle. We can very well see that AUSIA is rising!


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[EU] Duck Defense

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a duck event, however we decided to defend our server as well. Wearing some inflatable ducks, we had a great battle against DCP even though we lost 1-0. However seeing as though the decision to defend was last minute, two ties is pretty good. Nice job Helpers!

MAX: 44+

Make sure to comment for a promotion.

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[SATIRE] Why Elp and Hannah Left HF


(This post is completely satirical. Nothing from here has actually happened.)

Help Force Advisor Elpiojo123 and current Admiral (3ic) Hannah have left the Help Force in order to start the newest army Gaze of CP. We are very upset, as prior to their departure from the force, they made fun of the leaders and the staff team for not accepting raccoons. HF will not stand for this kind of “raccoonish” behavior and is immediately treating GCP as hostile. We request all those in the Gaze of Club Penguin to leave immediately. Continue reading

Addressing DCP’s Allegations

Hello everyone.

As you all know, Help Force won the recent Legends Cup battle against DCP. A narrow but overall incredible win which for many seemed suspicious. Naturally, given the magnitude of this victory, there are allegations against HF for the extreme rise in our max at the battle. Many accusations were thrown, such as multilogging, biased judges, using allies, even weak throws like bringing in lots of veterans and general cheating. This article exists to rectify every single one of these claims. Since Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows, I thought I’d take up busting one of my own.

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HF Insight: Legends Cup X!

Hey there! Welcome to the HF Insight, or HFI for short!

The HF Insight will be about the previous Sunday along with the following Week. (i.e. Sunday-Saturday) 

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[EU] Branch Battle

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPATG for our second Icecream vs Pizza Branch Battle! This was one of the best branch battles with tons of fantastic tactics and formations. This event took place in the rooms Night Club, Beach, Ski Lodge, Forts, and Cove!

MAX: 42+

Make sure you comment below for promotions!

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