[EU] Red Penguin Takeover

Hello Readers! Today the EU Division had a huge CPR Event today in which we wore RED and had an amazing event with various new formations, bombs, and tactics.
We managed to max around 42 penguins and recruited 6 new players before the event. Overall, a glorious event!

Max: 42

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Hey there Helpers, The AUSIA Division logged in to CPATG, had an awesome Battle today in which we wore our Advanced Uniform. Ayan and Spotty, led the division with amazing bombs and other various tactics. We managed to max this battle with around 17 penguins and indeed, the invasion was successful.

Max : 17

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[US] Training Event

Hey Helpers! On Wednesday we logged on CPR for a US training event.

The event could have been better, but we made a good effort. Keep unleashing the power of helping! Click continue reading to see some photos from the event.

MAX: 20+

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[CPATG] Invasion of Flurry

Today, the Help Force logged onto CPATG and successfully invaded the server – Flurry!

Hello readers! Today we proudly donned our advanced uniforms and marched onto CPATG to invade the server – Flurry from the Elite Guardians of CP. This invasion was led by our wonderful leaders – Spotty, Ayan and Lottie. In a span of 30 minutes, we entered the Iceberg, Stadium and The Docks while managing to display several tactics, bombs and formations in every room that we visited and successfully invaded Flurry as the EGCP did not show up. We managed to max around 25 penguins and recruited 15 new players before the battle. Overall, a very sublime event!

MAX: 25+

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[AUSIA] Dance Party

Hey Helpers! Today, Tuesday the 14th, Help Force logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for an Ausia Dance Party!

Today’s event was the first to be led by two of Help Force’s mods, Swagger and Barnito! They led great for their first time, and hope to have the pleasure of more training to perfect their leading skills. The event managed to max 17+ penguins, and went quite well! Here are some pictures of the event;

MAX: 17+

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[US] Huge Army Event

Hey Helpers! On Wednesday, Help Force logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a Huge Army Event!

The event went great! Led by both Lottie and Moon, the event made great use of bombs and rooms not commonly used! It managed to max 35+ after a great Pre-Event recruited 10 new Helpers! Here are some pics of this event;

MAX: 35+

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[AUSIA] Mining Event on CPR

Today the AUSIA Divison of the Help Force logged onto CPR to have a Mining Event wearing hard hats!

Hi there, the AUSIA troops had a sizeable CPR Event today where we wore Hard Hats and went mining around the island helping penguins achieve the Happy Room and the Berg Drill stamps. In this event, we used interesting tactics and formations that were just a sight to behold!

We managed to max around 40 penguins and recruited 8 new players during the course of this event.

Max: 40

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Practice Battle – HF vs ACP

Hey Helpers! Today, we logged onto CPR – Sleet and had a lovely practice battle against our allies ACP!


After hours of recruiting to prepare for the event, we had recruited enough to max 35+ in our practice battle against ACP. Not only was the event spectacular, we won it! The final score ended up being 30! It was an amazing battle ACP, thanks for battling with us! Here are some pics of this amazing event;

MAX: 35+

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[EU] CPR Training

Hey Helpers! Today, January 10th, Help Force logged onto CP Rewritten to have an EU Training!

The event went great for a new time, with us maxing around 25 penguins! It was quite experimental, with us testing out some new tactics and bombs! Here are some pics of the event;

MAX: 25+

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[AUSIA] Guitar Takeover Event!

Heyo Helpers, today the AUSIA Division had a dynamic CPR Army Training led by our leaders Spotty and Ayan today in which we wore Guitars of different colors and had a wonderful event with various bombs, formations, and new experimental tactics!
We managed to max around 15 penguins, and recruited 5 new players during the course of the event!

Max: 15+

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