Battle Training Help Force CPO

battle_practicesGreetings everybody! 2 days ago we had a battle training going on and we had all ended it with a warm smile! A HUGE thanks to both our founder and Expert Moderator KitKat89 and Attacker for leading this very successful training session!


HF vs GMA [ Success ]

Welcome back everyone! Today HF and GMA had a practice and I’m sure both teams had a BLAST. We were also playing CJF before but lets talk about the practice battle! It was truly one of the best practice battles Help Force has been in yet. While we are very happy that Help force won this battle, in a battle like this, no one loses!

An extra special thanks to GMA for a great battle today, and a huge thank you to everyone who came to help out through this battle. We couldn’t have won without all of you!


Helpforce CPO One Act Play

one act play

Welcome back everyone! Today was an exiting day after the event that happened. We hosted an event that was customised for the GoTW winners in the discord server ; Attacker and Danilo! Not only was the event customised for these awesome players, but it was also Help Force’s 5 month anniversary so Happy 5 months Help Force of CPO!