[AUSIA] Invasion Of Cold Front

Hey there Helpers! Today we logged onto CPATG for our Invasion of Cold front. The rooms — Beach, Iceberg and Stadium — were led by Tistle and Juanita!

MAX: 21+

Make sure to comment below for points!

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[AUSIA] Outback Exploring Event

Hey Helpers! Today, we logged onto Blizzard on Cp Rewritten for out Outback Exploring Event! The event included the rooms — Plaza, Docks and Snow forts led by — Marshmallow, Nell and Hagrid repectively. The event went well with everyone doing the tactics and formations deftly!

MAX: 34+

Make sure to comment below for promos!


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[Ausia] Operation: Magnification

Hey Helpers! Earlier Help Force logged onto Blizzard on CP Rewritten for the Operation Magnification event!

The event was led by our Moderators, Crystal, Barnito and Jayden! The event went well with the tactics and formations done neatly. Here are a few images from the event:

MAX: 21+

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[Ausia] Invasion Of Blizzard – Success

Hey helpers! Earlier, Help Force logged onto Blizard to invade one of RFCP’s servers, Blizzard!

RFCP didn’t bother showing up. The event went great with everyone doing the tactics and formations neatly as well as deftly! Here are some images from the event:

MAX: 28+


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[EU] Branch Battle

Hot Sauce vs Yellow Chilis

Room 1: Plaza – Hot Sauce entered this room with a bang, a quick bomb and a solid formation to begin the battle. They also had a vast max advantage throughout the battle, making it a matter of good tactics enough to be dominant throughout. Yellow Chilis had better words tactics in this room, but overall this room was comfortably won by Hot Sauce.

Room 2: Outside Mine Another interesting room with good tactics by both teams. Despite Hot Sauce’s dodgy Diamond Sword impression, they still managed to have enough strength to overpower Yellow Chilies with a convincing bomb towards the end of the room. They now lead by 2-0.

Room 3: Pet Shop This room began with a double diagonal line formation which was interesting to see. Yellow Chilis gave a successful demonstration of Fatal 4 but in the end once again Hot Sauce’s max and general tactic quality was too powerful for Yellow Chili’s improved tactics as they win the battle with 2 rooms remaining.

Room 4: Town Another equal entrance here but this was much clearer that Hot Sauce were strolling away with victory. They had varying formations and their emoji tactics were of better quality in this room. Yellow Chilis had witty remarks, but not enough people to do them. This saw another one sided room.

Room 5: Iceberg Another generic room followed the same suit that the predecessors saw, with Hot Sauce’s bombs and formations proving too powerful for Yellow Chilis. Once again their word tactics were good, but overall this was an uphill battle which they fought valiantly and were unlucky not to snatch a room.

MAX: 28+

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Week Reflection

Week In Review

[ 08/03 – 14/03 ]

Hey there Helpers! Last week was our 2 year Anniversary!! It was an exciting week with many fun events!

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[Ausia] Card-Jitsu Tournament

Hey Helpers! Today, Help Force logged onto Zipline on CP rewritten for the Card-Jitsu Tournament!

The event was held by one of our moderators, Ash. In 1st place we had Jayden, In 2nd place Juanita and in 3rd place we had Mrcool and Alexei! Here are a few images from the event:


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[EU] Help Force Trivia

Hey there Helpers! On Monday, We logged onto CP Oasis for the Trivia Fun event!

The trivia consisted of 3 rounds – Help Force, Club Penguin and General Knowledge! The event was hosted by Juanita. The winner of the trivia was our trivia champion Tistle! In 2nd place we had Dlark and in 3rd we had Hannah and Destroyer! Here are a few images from the event:

MAX: 11



[AUSIA] Pizza Party

Hey Helpers!

This Friday, Help Force logged onto CPR for the Pizza Party event held on Blizzard! During this event, members wore the chef’s hat along with the pizza apron. The event went stirringly with everyone doing the tactics on time and deserving promotions after a much improved Ausia event. The 18 helpers that attended this event produced solid tactics and innovative formations to great success!

MAX 18+

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GoTW#67 – FutureShark

Hey Helpers! It’s time for this week’s Gamer of the Week! From now on, how the GoTW is chosen has a new system! We value the performance of every member on the leaderboard and choose accordingly. This week GoTW is FutureShark! Congrats !! Keep up the good work!