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Double Trouble: Liqeor and GeoIonut

Hello helpers!! Welcome back to the new edition of a series that we thought ended almost 2 years ago… Double Trouble! The blog where Dhanush and PinguMaliz hunt out the besties of Help Force, interview them, and test how much they know about each other. Today we will find out more about our lovely Romanian duo, Liqeor and GeoIonut!


Welcome to the Double Trouble, GeoIonut and Liqeor!

Geo: Hello

Liqeor: Hi! 👋

How do you guys feel being here together?

Geo: It’s a unique feeling, I won’t lie to you

Liqeor: Yeah it is. It feels just like you’re an artist and you’re being interviewed by that guy Nardwuar (if you’ve seen the videos) 🙂

So for our first question, how did you guys meet?

Geo: Good question:))) I think it all started when we both entered high school

Liqeor: Yeah. If I remember right, we started talking more (just like we talk these days) after like a few months – a year because both of us were shy at that time lol

Geo: To be in context, when I entered high school, that’s when COVID-19 started. It was a bad time then. I think the moment of creating our friendship was when Liqeor needed homework and I needed help with a test 🙂

Liqeor: Damn I forgot that

Geo: Maybe you but not me :))) 

Liqeor: Yeah we were sort of trading, you were giving me homework, I was giving you sandwiches

Geo: Oh yeeah. Good sandwiches btw 🤣

Liqeor: Ty lol

Oo sounds interesting.. What was the first thing that you both got along on which made you guys friends?

Geo: To be honest I think it was our personalities. We both like video games, music, sport 🙂

Liqeor: I think it’s probably the fact that we could help each other (as an example he was helping me at math, I was helping him at english)

Geo: English? Nah 🤣 But yes you are right about that

Liqeor: And yeah, some of the things that we have in common might be the thing that made us friends. 

Ooh that’s nice helping each other in studies and have common interests.. For the next question..I’ve heard that you both have the same voice so u guys wanna tell anything about it?

Geo: Same voice ? not really, but I can’t deny that we don’t make a good team in this chapter. When we both do vc leading, we act like we’re f2f and sometimes it’s really fun

Liqeor: Lol do we? I feel like sometimes my voice gets deeper (especially when I don’t really talk). Yeah the whole stage turns into a vc when we are voice leading.

Ooo you both seem to have a fun vc time… Can you tell us about the best memory while vc leading? I’ve also heard that you both lead on a train.. 

Geo: The best memory…I think the first voice made together. Yes, we still do lead from the train due to the fact that every week we have to go to math training in a more distant city. 

Liqeor: Yeah, we do have fun when vc leading, I think one of the best memory I had while vc leading was when I was singing Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley on the stage. Yeah the first time voice leading is also a good memory. 

Geo: Or Străzile by BUG Mafia 🙂 With mr Zenishira

Liqeor: Ah yes when we played Romanian music in the stage. I remember that time me and Zen were singing Nu mă vrea planeta by Codrin.

Geo: Yes I remember this 🙂

Woah that’s sounds amazing.. I’ve missed alot while I was gone can’t wait to attend some event hosted by both of youu.. So the next question, what’s the quality that you admire very much about each other?

Geo: I think it’s his way of being. That is, even if he is shy, he still tries to do everything right. Or his amusement is to be appreciated. But the most important quality would be the fact that you can trust him. You can tell him what secrets you want, I guarantee he won’t tell any more

Liqeor: Wow, I think it’s his ambition and his dedication to whatever he’s doing, I say that because I’m such a lazy person and I don’t think I’ll be able to… idk put as much work as he does. Damn you write a lot more, I didn’t expect that. 

Geo: 👀

Your friendship is very admirable… I see you guys spending so much time together in the chats, how much time do you think you spend together daily?

Geo: Oh :)) Minimum 6 hours leisurely. But to be more precise.. I would say 8 hours:) but it depends on the days

Oooh I see..What’s the funniest thing you have done with each other?

Geo: Another good question. There are so many things that I can’t think of just one. But let’s say that the moment today when I was looking like crazy for a hair elastic

Liqeor: Yeah there are a lot. Fun fact: we found it before you did lol

Geo: Yes and you didn’t say anything 🙂

It was an amazing time to have you guys on this blog. Before we end would you like to say anything to our readers?

Geo: Follow your dreams and remember this “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Liqeor: Well, no ig, because I’m on the atv rn lol

Geo: Really ?:)))

Liqeor: Yeah, ig no sleep for me

Geo: Same because right now I go to the gym 🙂

Thank you so much for your time!!

That was an interesting interview for sure! Can’t wait to see what’s next for our amazing generals, Liqeor and GeoIonut. Now that we know some more about them, it is time to see how much they really know about each other. This, is the Double Trouble friendship test. Consisting of 5 random multiple-choice questions they have to answer first for themselves, and then what they think the other person said. Let’s start with finding out if Liqeor truly is a friend to be trusted…

Does Geo prefer video games or board games?

Geo: Video games

Liqeor: Video games 


Does Geo like his apples green or red?

Geo: Oh, both but I choose red

Liqeor: Hmmm, I think we both prefer the green ones, I don’t know 


What does Geo like more, dark, milk or white chocolate?

Geo: To be honest, white chocolate 🙂

Liqeor: I think both of us would choose white chocolate, dark chocolate is meh, milk is tasty but not as tasty as the white chocolate 


What is Geo’s preferred way of travelling, by train, car, bike or walking?

Geo: It depends on the distance. For distances greater than 20 km I choose the train, for distances up to 20 km by bicycle and the rest on foot

Liqeor: Hmm I think both of us enjoy travelling by car 


What is Geo’s favourite season?

Geo: Winter

Liqeor: Geo’s favourite would be winter

Three out of five right, not bad Liqeor! Now it’s time to uncover how well Geo did.

Does Liqeor prefer video games or board games?

Liqeor: Video games 

Geo: I think liqeor choose Video games 🙂 

Does Liqeor like his apples green or red?

Liqeor: Hmmm, I think we both prefer the green ones, I don’t know

Geo: It’s hard to know what Liqeor will choose here, but I’m still betting on red 

What does Liqeor like more, dark, milk or white chocolate?

Liqeor: I think both of us would choose white chocolate, dark chocolate is meh, milk is tasty but not as tasty as the white chocolate

Geo: Liqeor will go on milk chocolate 

What is Liqeor’s preferred way of travelling, by train, car, bike or walking?

Liqeor: hmm I think both of us enjoy travelling by car

Geo: Liqeor will definitely choose the car :))) 

What is Liqeor’s favourite season?

Liqeor: Mine would be summer

Geo: For Liqeor spring and summer but I think the favorite is summer 

That’s all we have in store for you today! Liqeor and GeoIonut both got 3/5 correct, and ended up with a score of 60 %! We hope you enjoyed the post and that you’re just as excited as we are about the return of Double Trouble. We will see you next week with a new pair of HF besties!


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