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Hello Helpers! How are you doing people? You can’t answer me, can ya….. :(((. Anyways I’m back with another Dynasty House post, and today I’m interviewing a person who not only are considered the top 1D fans, but she is also a very well-known dynasty in the chat. Everyone welcome the amazing, Lisa.

Lisa joined the Help Force at the end of 2018, she was always well-known as an amazing person in the Community, even till this day she is still active and chatting with the Helpers all day. Lisa is considered 1 of 2 people who got the Dynasty role without becoming a staff ever alongside NeoBlaze. So what are you waiting for, scroll down and check out how did she manage to get the role!

Hey Lisa, how are you doing in this fine day?

Ello!! I’m doing good wbu? :O

I’m fine ty. Firstly, can you start by telling us how did you join the Help Force?

Oooh so funny story, Help force actually helped me earn the party stamp in cp during one of their segments back in july of 2018 but then forgot to recuit me 😭 😭 So, after a few months, I saw them advertising and decided to join them in October 2018 :>

So how did you become a Dynasty?Β 

Okay another funny story ( I have so many stories lmao 😭 ), So back in 2019 or 2020 whichever year the exodus happened in, I was banned from help force for 3 months due to being banned from the cp we used to play. But later on after the exodus, Ayan dmmed me about it and asked me to join back as i was then unbanned. So i joined back and boom ayan gave me the dynasty role. According to him I was an important troop in the hf history 😎 ✌️, his words not mine. And I was kinda a very old member so yeah πŸ˜€

Who are your best friends in the Help Force?

old as in who joined hf rlly early ok just clarifying :p πŸ–οΈ And ooh thats a good question… I’ve made alot of good friends in hf and I don’t think it would do them justice if i forget to mention some names so imma just not mention anyone πŸ˜€ Anyone who hasnt warned me for spam pinging, or anything else is my best friend πŸ˜€ πŸ’€ πŸ‘

What is your favorite moment in the Help Force?

Omg there are so many favorite moments but one of the best moments in HF for me was when I got Gotw, man I worked so hard for it and almost didnt get it. Recruiting was hella difiicult but it all paid off at the end πŸ˜€ Another HF memory would be the Harry Potter theme week which was hosted back in 2019 july or smth. It was so fun and probably the best theme week hf has ever hosted. I was slytherin’s prefect 😎 🫢 it was great :>

Has there been any event you have considered to be your favorite one so far?

Yeps, I remember barney and nell hosted a one direction event during their leadership 😭 It was such a good event with 1d tactics and all I was on cloud 9 that day It was very fun πŸ˜€ Other events like 1st Anniversary events ,Hp Events, and the first HF Cup event are one of my favs too πŸ₯°

Outside the Help Force community, what other hobbies do you have?

These days I kinda spend almost all of my free time playing chess 😭 I’m currently also trying to learn calligraphy it’s very satisfying hehe. Other than that I rlly like to paint, sketch and read books.. yup.

Who is your favorite music artist? and what’s your favorite song for them?

Yo thats such a good question! Past me wouldve said one direction right away not even kidding rn but ppl change :hell: i still love them but dont listen to them that much now. Tbh i listen to a variety of artists now so i can’t really pick a favorite, but these days im rlly in love with β€œGasoline” by Halsey and β€œFallin’” by why dont we, so lets go with those two.

If you had a chance to spend one week at the Maldives, which two people from the Help Force would you bring with you?

Interesting question :O I’d take juanita w me for sure we’ve had some good picnics together shes nice πŸ˜€ The second person would probs be marsh or plotter whoever is free lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ₯° Or maybe neo only so I can feed him to the sharks πŸ˜€

Is there anything you would like to say to the amazing readers before we wrap this up?

Im very bad at such questions but yea sure why not ig
Cats are lovely make sure u pet them and feed them whenever u see one <3
spam ping neo and ao if u see this.
Cereal with cold milk is better than cereal with hot milk.
Thank you for reading this post(?) give me nitro yes thank you. Bye bye <33

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