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Welcome to Get to know your staff after a long slumber! I quit bothering people’s offices for now… so I decided to abuse my high command power and bother our lovely staff! Get ready staff cause Yoda might come out of nowhere to interview! our guest today is the Big Chef Nightfury.

Yoda: Hello lovely readers of Help Force! Today i am here with an old series which we will be meeting the staff! today’s guest is our little but big heart dragon Nightfury!! (And no not furry) Hello Night how are you doing now these days?

Hey Yoda! A bit tired these days… yk how painful homework and bot dev can be.. hbu?

Yoda: I’m doing quite well thanks for asking! We all got life now these days LOL anyways… as you know I’m here to learn about you. What can you say about your hobbies, what do you like to do?

Ooo my hobbies you ask? Well some of em are Playing the Guitar, rubics cube and ofc, Coding… Specially guitar is like a great break during studies / homework and really keeps my mind to chill whereas rubics cube helps me get friends :’), jokes aside it helps me get alive again when i feel drowsy

Yoda: Very interesting! I’m glad to hear that the guitar makes you feel better I hope you can play for us someday 

Someday! Till then iIwill be polishing our beloved Acodo

Yoda: Hugs to Acodo🫂 How did you find out about club penguin armies and what inspired or who influenced you to join Help Force?

🫂 , Well I knew Club penguin because my elder sister used to play it when it was alive… as I saw her explore the world i fell in love with the game. As I got older and more access to my home PC, I myself played the game without my sisters assistance… and that’s how I waddled into this world! About CPA, I was first recruited into Pirates, promising me that they will give me coins, but as I realized I had been scammed I joined a similar server called ACP where they promised stamps, and they did deliver. While I was active in ACP I was introduced to HF as an ally brother in 2020 and made some memories which iIcant let go, with some drama caused by my stupid ass I joined HF in 2020 for a few months and then went inactive for about 10 months, I came back alive and decided to join HF on 13th Feb 2022, on my 15th Birthday, and that.s how i ended up here lol

Yoda: Well, we are glad to have you in mines! Hope you are comfortable and happy here

Most uncomfortable and hungry as i could ever be! (pls feed me now I’m hungry)

Yoda: Uhm Beasto cut the feed we might have a problem here coughs

anyways So Night why did you want to be a staff member, what were your goals? What is the best thing about being a staff member and what is your advice to those who want to be a staff? 

The main reason of me wanting to be staff was that I wanted to somehow give back to the community, and with having the nature to help I thought it would be a nice way by becoming a staff here to achieve my thoughts, my goals currently are Making Acodo perfect and becoming 2IC with you Yoda as we promised earlier, these 2 goals are big enough to keep me busy for the next few years. The best thing about being staff for me was to know how everything was handled behind the stage, and somehow also contributing in it.

And for those who wanna be staff, Just PayPal Vedant (Barnito) 20 Rupees (around 0.24USD) and he will promote you to Commander! (For legal reasons this is a joke)

Yoda: Cool goals and answers! Personally, that’s why I’m here as well and no Barney is already rich, he can buy the Ow2 battle pass coughs anyways thanks for joining the interview night is there anything you would like to say our readers?

Thank you! And dear readers of Help Force, specially the staff, The staff cooker has just gotten busy… I have not forgotten to cook y’all >:)

Yoda: uhm YEAH, WE END HERE! starts to run.

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