By Anonymous: The Helpers Meet Up

Hello Helpers! It’s yo boi beasto, oh god a cringe intro again… nvm! Anyways, we are today having a new edition of the By Anonymous series. This one is a very special edition of this series, read below to see how it goes.

How does this work?

I asked some of you amazing Comrades who would you want to meet up with in real life, and all of you wrote an amazing message. As always these are going to be anonymous, so good luck guessing bois and girls >:))

 To Rooboo and Desireus

There’s A LOT of people I’d want to just hang out with and have fun, but, since I feel like I’d be able to express my gratitude and support better, I’d choose to meet with Rooboo and Des. I know that they both work hard to keep the army going, together with the staff members, but I think we don’t thank them enough. Both of them have extremely busy lives and they have their own irl problems, yet they take time out of their days to come and organize events, plan the future of the army, come up with new stuff for the troops, and a simple ‘thank you’ definitely doesn’t feel enough. I’d probably just go out for a meal with them or something like that, but I’d make sure to let them know that their effort is appreciated.

To Nell

If I realistically had the chance to hang out with anyone from HF, it would be Nell. It would be weird to see each other’s faces at first, but we would get used to it. Maybe we could share hobbies or maybe she’ll teach me how to change my lifestyle, how to brush my teeth properly or something like that. but she’s busy being a dentist and I am busy trying to “study” engineering. Maybe someday, I don’t know.

To Snowy

1st person: I would say Snowy because we have talked about learning the US and traveling around the world, once someone graduates from school :ono~1: We would also go different places to eat, eat everything we could get and imagine and do everything together. I would say Snowy knows we gotten so close since we both joined HF, and its been a dream for us to make it happen one day. She would make the adventure thrilling and know how to make it exciting and fun, you can never say you would not have fun with Snowy around :prayge~2:

2nd person: I would want to hang out with Snowy for the purpose of hanging around with her adorable cats because cats are better than people.

To Mayathefirst (+Lucifer for the 2nd person)

1st person: Maya definitely, we have plans to go to the beach and get ice cream already

2nd person: I cant choose- but uh Maya and Lucifer. Maya cuz i need to tackle her with a hug irl, and we have places to go and Lucifer cuz i need to abooz him even tho i’ll prolly die trying and u still need to take me to sweden ilysm

To Choco

That would be Choco as he doesn’t live that far away so it’s a lot less effort

To Zenishira

Even tho he can get angry sometimes lol, but he has a lot to talk about and also you can get him interested in many other stuff, he is a good man and i think it would be fun to go out and have a meal with him and maybe a little talk as well.

To Nightfury

I have a few but one of them would be night, we have a lot in common and we get along well. He is really cool, funny and chill. He always got my back. If we ever had the chance to meet one day, I would definitely get a coconut ice cream to both of us.

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