Office Inspection: Desireus

After surviving Rooboo’s dungeon I wasn’t planning to visit any offices for a while, but sadly there are still more offices to inspect. Now we are vrooming to a current commander’s office.. 


Yoda: Hello lovely readers of Help Force. We are back with another part of Office Inspection! We just vroomed to our famous car’s office. Hello Des would you mind giving us a tour?

No get out this is my home! JUST KIDDING. Please, come in and have a seat on this comfy chair made out of coconut tree wood

Yoda: Thank you for your hospitality Mr Desireus. I hope the office tour will be as nice as your hospitality.

I hope it will as well

Yoda: Uh sir, you are hosting us so you are giving the tour!

Hey I didn’t agree to this you just came here >:(

Yoda: I didn’t agree to Wynn stealing my 3 million ayan hats to open offices but we are here! >:|

Right… anyways. Lets start at the chair you are sitting on; you are looking at a one of a kind chair, made entirely out of coconut tree wood, made only for me, valued to be absolute priceless.

Yoda: Oh cool I can understand why you didn’t offer me a drink now! Anyways let’s continue.

You are too demanding for a visitor!

Yoda: Visitors have no rights they can go to mines, I am an inspector. Anyways… lets go on Mr. Desireus we haven’t even started yet

We have wdym i showed you my chair! Well if that isn’t enough, let me show you MY PARKING LOT. You might be asking why is there a parking lot in my office because why the heck not man!

Yoda: Parking lots and coconuts, interesting. What else can you show us about this chaotic environment?

Hey its not chaotic, its the probably the most peaceful place here!

Yoda: I see.. this will discount from the overall :needhelp: What about your cars Des? they seem very cool! Would you mind giving us a short ride?

No because uh I’m out of gas… sorry gas prices have been higher than coconuts. I live on coconuts now.

Yoda: Sir don’t you get paid?

I get paid to buy coconuts

Yoda: Yes you can sponsor us since our commanders are broke! Here Des take a cold glass of water that you didn’t give, cause you will need it after hearing what happened to your coconuts… Well oh my look at the time. Our time is up! Gotta go starts running with coconuts


Here is my rating:

Safety: 10/10 (no one bothers Des with his dishes)

History: 2/10 (monke didn’t give us a good tour to explain)

Purpose: 7/10 (fake retirement island basically)

Chaos: 5/10 (only chaos is Des tbh)

Overall: 6+1=7

(1 points for delicious free coconuts and no refunds Des)



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