Game Post: Guess the Helper

Greetings, Helpers! We are here with a new game called Guess the Helper! In this game, we have captured your likeness in these four emojis. Guess which staff or helper it is, and we won’t ban you! (Answers will be revealed in the next post).



All 6: 150k :ayanketopi: & 75 points for GoTW
4-5: 100k :ayanketopi: & 50 points
2-3: 50k :ayanketopi: & 35 points
1: 10k :ayanketopi: & 20 points


Message Mayathefirst#2481 on Discord with your answers and message Snowy for a ban!





One Response

  1. 1. Monkey
    2. Duck/plokster12
    3. No idea
    4. Frog
    5. Diwix?
    6. Tf is that

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