Office Inspection: Maya

After inspecting Snowy’s office I decided to inspect her twin Oreo Maya’s “office” if you can call it an office of course! Was her office sus? Did she steal from the commanders? Does she keep ketchups? That’s what we hope to learn today…

Yoda: and here we are for another office inspection after a long time! Maya would you mind giving us a short tour?

Hello Yoda, welcome to my office! So when you enter you will see lots of refrigerates around the room, we may or may not have stole them from previous commanders offices to keep the food we get in. On the left side we have a desk and laptop where we write down our money transfers we do every for the server. In the middle we have a couch, and next to that we have a lollipop claw machine for anyone that wants one. We on the right side, we have this tunnel that actually use to lead to snowy’s office, but now it’s invaded by rats that live down there. It was Snowy’s and my way of hanging out and getting away from work duties. To cover the hole now we have a bed, but idk where this bed came from because it wasn’t here before. We also have alots of posters of Oreos and food to remind myself of how much food we don’t get to eat anymore. I need to take some more things from Snowy’s office once I have time also

Yoda: Absolute chaos dancing rats are vibing though. I didnt knew it was a small office, was it always small like this?

Yea, I think it was Wynn’s or someone’s office after they retired sadly.

Yoda: Poor commanders, Maya only not steals their food but their offices too! big scandal!!!

It’s not my fault I slept in the hallways all these days until someone finally retired

Yoda: That would be something a sus queen would do! Anyway we heard that you used to break into offices and since safety comes first for us we hope that you took precautions for karma?

Uhh, I wasn’t the one that would break the doors down and steal them but umm sure I took precautions

Yoda: I hope your door is strong enough to protect your officr aganist a jr Maya, thanks for hosting us Maya, office we will visit next is desi’s office would you like to say anything for his office?

If you see any coconuts around, please return them to my office, if Des doesn’t let you take them, just throw them at him

Yoda: Flying coconuts it will be! Thanks for hosting again maya.

Np Yoda

Here is my rating:

Safety: 2/10 (Rats and visitors)

History: 6/10

Purpose: 10/10

Chaos: 7/10

Overall: 6.25

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