By Anonymous: The Helpers Confess Pt. 2

Hello People! Today we bring you another part for the By Anonymous post, in which people send anonymous messages to each other without revealing their name to their friends.

How does this work?

Some people got asked to anonymously write something towards some of their friends in the Help Force server, it could be towards one person, a duo, or a group of people, some people might have more than one Message which means multiple people wrote for them! Enjoy the fun.

To Rooboo

The whooole HF is waiting for your return. Hope all is well with you!! I wish you success in everything youre doing now. March madness is coming very soon and it will be amazing if you and des would lead us to victory 💪🏻

To Mayathefirst

To very notty Maya. Thank you for being a lovely boomer. Stay a beautiful boomer for the rest of your life. You deserve precious things in your life, you deserve it for the lovely friend you are inside and outside. If you eat and sleep properly, I’ll come to the US. Ilysm sussy

To Snowflake

Dear Snowflake, You are a great friend, you always care and you are always positive and do bad jokes. I hope you finish university with a good degree and reach to your dreams. reduce green tea and inactivity luv u (not talking about the fact you will not be alive to see this post LOL)

To Choco

1st message: Dear Choco, I have stolen your Hot Chocolate and it is very tasty! yum.. you cant have any sorry 😀

2nd message: Hi Choco. You are looking rather tasty today. I hope that you are taking good care of Petunia and Cleo. Make sure that Jo doesn’t touch them. He would probably try to eat them. That’s a big problem since he lives in your walls. Anyways, have this invisible cookie. Just don’t tell the commanders that I gave it to you. If you do, I will be disappointed in you.

To Vedant

Dear Vedant/Ved, thank you for teaching/reminding me how salty armies can be with tactics, and for checking up on me when I had covid (which I managed to get a second time)

To Nell

ilysm Nell, i hope ur always happy, make sure to eat well and always smile, you are the best <3

To Chrissy

Chrissy, girl, ILYYYYYYY! Ur like my online big sister and even tho we don’t talk every day whenever we do its always a joy <333

To Plotter

Thank you for being a kind soul to everyone and making everyone feel welcome. I’m glad we became friends even tho we don’t talk that much anymore due to busy days <3 P sure im supposed to be anonymous but im being very obvious (i think) anyways ilysm uwu <33

To Red

“You gonna ask her out or what?”

To Valour

I would like to thank val, for being such a beautiful person by all means. I must say i always feel so carefree when talking to them and I end up leaving the conversation feeling much better about myself. I like the fact we both have so much compassion for one another, it surprises me from time to time. I miss having more time, i would use it to tell val all kinds of things that i experience. I understand they’re busy at times too and so i want to wish them goodluck and hope they have a tolerable year ahead. I certainly am excited for my year and so I will be sharing moments i enjoy with my buddy, my pal, val.

To Nene

HELLO NENE, I just wanted to say ilysm and I hope you are doing well :cutesobs: You are one of my closest people in HF and Ive known you for so long. Thank you for being here whenever I felt sad, Im always here for you no matter what. You are like a sister that Ive known for my entire life :EH: YOURE BEAUTIFUL, YOURE AMAZING, YOURE SMART, YOURE LOVELY :catluv: Thank you for all the amazing vcs, with your bubbly personality and your giggles (theyre contagious) Whoever makes you sad, Ill fight em >:( You are so precious and selfless, probably one of my favorite people in this whole world, ever. I feel like I just need to put you in a box and protect you from the world. This is so hard to write without giving it away dang 😭 We need to talk moreee, imy. Anyway, please take care of yourself 🫂 I hope you’re having fun with life, don’t let it bring ya down too much.

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