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Original Stories: The Secret Of The Mines

The mines are a cold and unforgiving place, and many a Help Force member has been sent to those dark caverns. Surprisingly, not a lot of people know what happens in those mines, or what the mines are about. Continue reading to find out the secrets of the Help Force mines.

Javi quietly walked around the dark Help force compound. It was after hours, and Maya, Desireus, Wynn and Snowy were discussing invasion strategies. Javi knew that she shouldn’t be there, but she really wanted to do one final gambling session for the day. She has a lucky streak, and she didn’t want to waste it. As she walked into the dimly lit casino, settled into a chair and started a roulette round, she heard a sudden shout behind her.

“Hey! Javi, is that you?” Snowy, with a flashlight in her hand, asked in disbelief.

“Oh, hi Snowy, I totally didn’t come here after hours just so that I could make some extra money,” Javi replied. “Actually, why are you even here in the first place? Shouldn’t you be at your meeting right now?”

“Oh that? It got boring. I was going to ‘use the bathroom’ which means I was going to play some games in the arcade, but then I heard a noise in here as I was passing by.”

“Uh, ok then, can I get back to my gambling?” Javi asked, and started placing her bets.

“Look Javi, this is the third time you’ve done something that breaks the rules, from spam pinging Nervous, to spamming among us songs in the chat. Tomorrow, you’ll get sent to the mines!”

“No, NO, anything but the mines! I’d rather lose my link perms than be sent there! Can’t you reconsider?” Javi pleaded, but it fell on deaf ears.

“No. It’s time you visit the mines once again.”


Nervous snuck around the staff cafeteria, which was currently empty. There, she met up with Mantiuxx, who was holding a piece of paper in his hand. That paper, that had a code on it, was what they needed to open the food vault, which held all the staff’s favourite food. It took a lot of trouble to get the code for the vault (there was a lot of bribing that was involved, and now he was broke), but Mantiuxx accomplished his goal, and now, they could eat for the first time in weeks. Everyone was starving, and the commanders were ignoring everyone’s pleas for food, so it was up to Mantiuxx and Nervous to steal some. Mantiuxx quietly walked up to the cabinet, and right as he was about to enter the code, she heard a yell from behind him.

“Mantiuxx, what on earth are you doing? Were you about to steal food from our glorious gracious motherland?”

Both Mantiuxx and Nervous’ hearts stopped; that voice belonged to none other than Elp! How would they come out of this predicament? The question ran through their minds, and they silently answered it – they wouldn’t escape without a punishment.

“Alright Elp, you got us, what are you going to do now? Ban us? Make us pay taxes? Bring it, because all I wanted to do was help some starving staff members. Even I couldn’t stand by and watch them suffer, although they won’t actually die from starvation,” Mantiuxx said firmly. He has been banned countless times, and he knew she’d come back anyways, but his biggest fear was being sent to the mines.

“Oh Mantiuxx, to think I’m going to simply ban you. Both of you are going to the MINES!” Elp grinned while saying this, relishing in the shock on their faces.


Javi wondered if she would be the only person stuck in the mines, but as she was walking to the punishment room to hear how long she’d be there for, she heard Nervous and Mantiuxx whispering to each other, while walking in the same direction as she was. “So they’re being sent to the mines as well, that sucks…” she thought, and all three of them walked through the door to hear their fate.

The trio stood in front of Snowy, anxious to know how long they’d stay in the mines for. Would it be a day? A month? What was waiting for them in those mines this time? The last time anyone was sent down there, there was a rabid puffle chasing people around while they mined for coins. They shuddered at the thought of what could be there this time.

“Ok you three, you’ll be staying in the mines for an undefined time, until Elp sees it fit to free you. I think that’s a fair punishment,” Snowy said.

“An undefined time? What if that’s forever? Can’t you reconsider?” All three of them protested, but Snowy didn’t care.

“Well Javi, your stay should have been longer since you broke 3 rules during the week, but I’m going easy on you. Manti and Nervous, you both know that food isn’t allowed in Help Force, unless it’s for special circumstances like us winning a battle. Off to the mines with you!” Snowy said, for her decision was final.

A giant hole appeared under their feet, and off went Nervous, Mantiuxx and Javi to the deep, mysterious mines. They began to scream until they were tired, and they were still falling.

“Does this ever end? How long are you going to fall for? It’s getting old now. The last time I visited the mines, I walked there, ” Javi grumbled.

“Oh, this hole is actually a portal, you’ll see more of them when you reach the mines,” Mantiuxx said calmly. “There’s nothing to worry about, you won’t break your bones at the bottom.”

The trio fell for what felt like hours, until they slowed down at the bottom of the hole. The smell of the dust and dead hopes and dreams hit them as they reached the entrance. As they walked into the mines, they sidestepped discarded mining hats, ducked under old uniforms that were hung up, and kicked at some rocks as they arrived at their destination: a clearing with some pickaxes.

“Well, we’re here. It’s time we start mining for some coins. After all, almost everyone in the Help Force is a gambling addict, and they need the money to gamble and buy items with.” After Mantiuxx said this, he reached for a pickaxe, but it slid away from him.

“Dang, this is the worst part of the mines! These pickaxes never seem to stay still. We’ll have to chase them to be able to use them.” Manti groaned.

“We have to do what?!” Both Nervous and Javi shouted in disbelief.

“Nothing is normal in these mines. I know that people are usually sent down here to recruit, but since we broke the rules, we have to do strenuous labour as well. Come on!” Mantiuxx began to chase the pickaxe he originally wanted.

Javi and Nervous followed suit, and soon they were able to catch them. They began mining away at some dirt, and the three of them had made decent progress in getting some coins. Soon, they got tired and were about to sit down, but a sudden loud voice came from nowhere.

“There is no rest in the Help Force! Especially since you’re staff members, you get no sleep!” Elp’s voice echoed in the mines and spread into every nook and cranny. I have a new task for you: start recruiting!”

“Start recruiting? I hate recruiting! It’s too boring, and I hate being rejected. Can’t I just welcome people instead?” Javi complained. She was sent to the mines to recruit once and it was so bad that she vowed to never do it again. It was calm on that day but it was still awful! She shuddered at the hard work they would face since they were here under punishment.

“Prisoners can’t be choosers, Javi. Now get to it or else your stay will be forever!” Elp shouted.

The trio quickly began their recruiting session. Mantiuxx led them to the portal area, where they could visit busy places in the Club penguin island, and ask people if they wanted to join the Help force. Many times they’d be ignored, sometimes they’d accidentally bother someone who was in another army, but every once in a while, someone was willing to listen to them. If they decided to join, the trio would direct them to the Help force island. It went well for the most part, except that at one point, someone threw cotton candy at Javi, and now it was stuck on her head. They worked quickly and efficiently, and in an hour, they were able to get many recruits and make new friends.


Exhausted, they made their way back to the portal that would take them back to the mines. They managed to buy some sardines before they returned, and they were feeling a bit better. When they returned, they heard Elp’s voice again.

“Well you three, you did it. You forced a lot of people to join the gracious glorious motherland, good job!” Elp said. They weren’t able to see it, but he was grinning. “In fact, you did so well that I’m going to let you go! In a few days from now, of course.”

The trio groaned, knowing that long hours of work awaited them. They spent a few days mining and coughing from the dust, two rabid puffles chased them around while they mined, and sometimes they weren’t able to get any recruits, which extended their stay. Sometimes voices whispered to them while they slept, telling them horrifying things, like how they might stay trapped in the mines forever. Worst of all, they didn’t get any food! The only food they got were small amounts that they could buy while recruiting in the town. Finally, they finished their time in the mines. Nervous grumbled to herself as she left.

“Manti, that’s the last time I’m going to steal food and get caught. We’ll need to be more careful next time,” Nervous said slyly.

“There’s going to be a next time?” Mantiuxx asked, confused. Then he grinned. “I’m in.”

“Count me in, we did all that work and barely any appreciation. Plus the mines are awful, I think my soul died 10 times during this week,” Javi grumbled.

“Well, at least none of us weren’t alone, it would have been 100 times worse. Trust me, when I was there by myself for breaking the rules, the voices in the mines really got in my head,” said Mantiuxx, slightly shivering. “I heard that it’s the souls of people long gone from this world.”

“Oh, goodness Manit, I think you’re right. I’m glad I had some company down there,” Javi said, recalling the voices that told her to gamble all of her money.


The three went their separate ways: Javi went to the dank memer gambling casino, Nervous went to her croissant stash, and Mantiuxx went to clean his fur. The mines were an unforgettable place, and somewhere they didn’t want to visit anytime soon.

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