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Spill The Tea – Diwix

Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! The eighth edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Diwix to the spotlight.

What a great day to interview our Admiral, Diwix, or should I say our sussy Admiral Diwix? The one curry muncher, Bose DK creator etc. to know more about this and Diwix, keep reading along!


Hello Diwix, how are you?

I’m alright, how are you

I’m good! So when and how did you join HF?

I originally joined in mid December of 2019, left then rejoined on January 2020.

How I joined? Just like many others, I was lured into this wonderful scheme through ayan and his stamps

Oo lovely, what are some of your memories here?

Well, I’ve been active for quite a while, making tons of memories. I think one of the most memorable would be my promotion to admiral, because I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve achieved so far

That’s great, is being 2ic one of your goals then?

Not really, I doubt I’ll ever get that high

Welp it’s alright believe, now how do you come up with these great memes?

My memes come from my decent sense of humour! (I enjoy humour)

Lol, I heard you wanted GoTW back in the days, how did you get 200+ recruits?

That was after I got GoTW (skill issue). It was back during December 2020 where I had no life and a huge amount of time on my hands

How were you able to do it with your trashy WiFi though?

My wifi was trashy but luckily able to run cpr (very slowly)

That’s good then, why are you obsessed with the ‘applebruh’ emote?

Because it’s one of the greatest memes in the army community

Makes sense, seems like you’re the biggest fan of curry (maybe), why?

Because curry is a food from heaven. It’s my ultimate source of power, my whole secret (not a secret anymore)

Is it bad that I don’t like curry? Despite being an Indian

Yes, it’s absolutely horrible and I can’t stand it at all. You probably don’t realise it’s true power

Smh, what made you create the Bose DK Army?

Oh damn lovely, What is this ‘skill’ you use to scare people in VC? (I might need it)

I just talk normally

How is that scary..

I literally have no idea lmao 😭

That was not helpful. Well what’s your favourite food?

Oh that’s a very hard question, it’s not easy to choose from all the good ones, but I can assure you that curry is up there

I expected a straight curry answer, welp. What is your favourite subject?

That’s gonna have to be physics, pretty enjoyable

Interesting, what about favourite movie or tv show?

Oh my favourite movie/show (it can count as both) is star wars. A perfect storyline with great action and emotion, all but the last 3 movies

What kind of music do you listen to?

I enjoy listening to nostalgic music, sounds pretty nice and brings back memories

Ooo that’s cool, what’s your favourite sport?


And no, notthe American one. The one that actually uses feet.

I- ok what are your hobbies?

Trolling :Trollos:

Such a great hobby! We shall end, do you want to say anything to the readers

Stay sussy, eat curry

Curry every hour gives unlimited power

That’s it for this week! Hope you enjoyed, come back next week for some more tea!

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