Song of the Week #11

Finally! I’m back with a fantastic song suggestion of the week. Our loveable troop, Valour has suggested Beautiful People by Khalid and Ed Sheeran!

Here’s what they had to say about the song:

I like rhythm and blues, this song being contemporary R&B . the theme the song revolves around getting rid of materialistic needs, the urge to be one of the ‘beautiful-people’ actually referring to the people who fake things to impress others (…?) who really arent as happy as they seem to be with the fame, to be true to oneself, to get happy with what we have, be natural.

Firstly, this is very true! I would say it touches on a very important aspect of society that should be addressed more often. Additionally, The song is lyrically beautiful and strategically placed with the beats and melody. It reminds us that we don’t really have to fake it to fit in and that we’re better off being ourselves for people that will value us for being ourselves.

Khalid and Ed Sheeran are 2 very popular artists in this generation! They make wonderful songs that we can all vibe to regardless of our mood. Ed Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter and Khalid is an American singer who go very well hand-in-hand. The song “Beautiful People” was released on 23 June 2019. It’s not that recent but it’s new enough. It was a lovely tune to hear after quite a while. That’s all for now! The song is available on platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, and Youtube. As always, here’s a playlist full of lovely bops just like Beautiful People and more. Tune in next time!


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